Is trial marriage real marriage? Does the statute maintain trial marriage?

什麼是比特幣Is trial marriage real marriage? Does the statute maintain trial marriage? Why didn’t the court hear the plea for exemption from the cohabitation connection? As the saying goes, “once bitten, twice shy.” Wang jing is the woman who was bitten by a snake once. It was very difficult to escape from a nightmarish marriage a few years ago. Faced with the second coming of love, she chose what she thought was the safest marriage in her restlessness. Unexpectedly this one try, beautiful marriage not only did not try to fix the real fruit, for many years of hard to try all the store also almost tried to go to waste. Wang mou, financial director, this year 30 years old. 22 years old that year through person introduction and ex-husband know, in order to unit cent room two people hurry register get married, after marriage wang mou discovers ex-husband is typical male chauistic style, everything cannot violate his perseverance, wang mou has a little not from can suffer his fist to kick. Wang did not dare to speak out due to face, sometimes was beaten black and blue, unable to go out. Wang mou endured four years in bitterness and tears, finally in another inexplicable beating after complete consciousness. Below the assistance of local women’s federation, wang mou passes a year hard struggle, received the divorce judgment book of the court at last. On the day when she was at ease, wang escaped from the small town which filled her time with horror and came to the rich and strange metropolis. After a few years, follow the effort of the assignment and the diligence of oneself, wang mou becomes the finance director of a foreign capital enterprise, partners are in those who approve her homework ability together, also warm-hearted help her introduce male brother. Xiao zhao, a salesman of a company, walked into wang mou’s life circle in this way. Both were strangers to the city, encouraging and comforting each other. Through the touch of nearly two years, xiao zhao felt that the age of two people is not small, plus the heroic sentiment is also very good, put forward to marry wang mou. Wang mou also feel xiao zhao stable sureness, temperament gentle, gentle, is its lover. But because before the shadow of a bitter marriage makes her pair of marriage overflow infinite astonishment, wang mou dare not again easy step into the threshold of marriage, so she puts forward the plan that tries marriage to xiao zhao, she says if try marriage two years later two people heroic feeling is safe, get married formally again. Although xiao zhao is helpless, but also have to promise. So, wang mou moved to the apartment that xiao zhao bought a year ago, and xiao zhao bega聯絡方式n the so-called trial marriage day. A year ago, xiao zhao wang mou care, care, not only cooking, and often buy some flowers, cosmetics and other gifts to wang mou, wang mou was deeply moved, think he and his ex-husband completely different, is a very good marriage partner, the future marriage will probably be very beautiful, so the resolution and his marriage. Two people resolution beginning decorates a house, wait for marital day article to add good hind, get married formally. Talk about decoration, xiao zhao just beginning to wang said the truth. Original xiaozhao because of the purchase of the house, the first payment has spent all the savings, every month’s salary after the repayment of bank loans is now very little. And this year try marriage time, xiao zhao is restricted in common expenditure at face not only exquisite day quality, pursue emotional appeal even, buy gift to win the favor of wang mou, xiao zhao had to borrow money privately to brother, now true cannot afford to decorate and marry expenses. Wang mou feels beloved man is right from a sincere heart, wish since many years of hard work down also had nearly 100,000 deposit, after getting married is also two people use, so take out the house that decorates xiao zhao as marriage room, and beginning purchase furniture, household appliances and other wedding supplies, also take money to repay brother zhao. But, one day one night, wang found zhao not only any ordinary expenses asked for money, and even monthly bank loans directly from wang jing’s bank card out, birthday gifts are free, not to mention the usual to buy her flowers gift. < / p > < p > wang mou beginning doubt xiaozhao ever to their concern is false, both sides of the beginning for the economic attack of the difference, and then gradually intensified opposition, wang mou feel, zhao is not its imagination as honest and reliable, and his marriage will not be beautiful, put forward to break up with zhao. However, xiao zhao thought that both sides coexistence is very good, there is no need to break up for a little matter, demand and wang mou married. Wang mou in anger to the court, begged to exempt from contact with the cohabitation between xiao zhao, and demand xiao zhao compensation since a house decoration, to repay xiao zhao’s bank loans, brothers and purchase married supplies have paid 100,000 yuan. Xiao zhao on the court a face of injustice, he said, wang mou promised that we try marriage two years to get married, so we are now the reality of marriage, I did not make what fault, how can she go back at will? She therefore pleaded to dismiss her request for exemption from cohabitation. Xiao zha4個Q&A,快速了解「區塊鏈」及「比特幣」!o is not the same meaning to return wang jing’s money, he said, she paid the money to me, then I try to marry more than a year to pay for her expenses who will return? If it were not for wang put forward to try to marry, I will not go around to borrow a swollen face fat, high consumption to meet the needs of wang? The court for wang mou demand exemption and xiao zhao between the cohabitation of the relationship between the appeal is not accepted, but the onset of the cohabitation of the industrial gum ge hearing. The court thinks, privately owned industry suffers maintenance probably, the industry of cohabitation time belongs to each all, the relevant basis that basis wang mou submits, judge xiaozhao refunds wang mou to pay for the house decorate cost 63,000 yuan, the color TV that refunds wang mou to purchase, acoustics becomes marital thing. But wang mou about the demand to return for xiao zhao pay bank loans and brother loan, because there is no direct basis for supply and xiao zhao denied and did not get the court support. In this way, the money is at least a part of the back. But to wang some disappointed is, trial marriage is wrong? If not try, did not fall into the economic crisis of xiao zhao, will still be concerned about their own, will not bring themselves a beautiful marriage? And if do not try, how can you know, the court denies the dishonest xiao zhao who will repay the loan for you, and is not really worth entrusting for life that person? This question has been troubling wang, but also increasingly added to the marriage of a point of horror. 【 case analysis 】 doubt 1: trial marriage is the real marriage? Does the statute maintain trial marriage? Analysis: real marriage, refers to the man and woman without a lover, did not register marriage, but public cohabitation with the name of husband and wife or held a secular marriage ceremony, the local public thought that now constitute a couple of days together state and action constitute a day together. Chinese law conditionally admitted the reality and effectiveness of marriage, on the basis of the supreme people’s court on the applicable & lt; the marriage law of the People’s Republic of China & gt; the explanation of some questions (a), on February 1, 1994 the ministry of civil affairs promulgated “marriage registration regulations” once upon a time, men and women both sides are now married with the elements of nature, according to the reality of marriage disposal; After February 1, 1994, if a man and a woman meet the essential requirements of marriage, the people’s court shall inform them to register the marriage before accepting the case. Do not fill marriagQ&Ae registration, according to the exemption of cohabitation contact disposal. Cohabitation connection, refers to the two sides of the man and woman did not register marriage, but live together together, the public thought that now constitute a couple of contact conditions and action of a day together. In the author’s opinion, cohabitation includes three kinds of scenes such as pre-marital cohabitation with conditions of marriage registration, intention of marriage, illegal cohabitation without conditions of marriage registration (such as bigamy, housing, etc.), and non-marital cohabitation without marriage intention. Cohabitation connection is a kind of real connection, which is not protected by law. Trial marriage, refers to both sides of the men and women did not register marriage, but to marry together for the purpose of living together, both sides have reached the intention of marriage or marriage agreement, the people around think they have formed a husband and wife contact. Trial marriage is an action between premarital cohabitation and marriage. But trial marriage is not a legal concept, Chinese law does not maintain trial marriage action. Question 2: why did the court not accept the plea for exemption of cohabitation connection? Analysis: from the current laws, regulations, judicial interpretation of the rules, cohabitation does not have the effectiveness of the law, just a reality. Rule 1 of the Supreme People’s Court on the application of the marriage law of the People’s Republic of China However, the people’s court shall accept and exempt the cohabitation relation which is attributed to the rules of article 3, article 32 and article 46 of the marriage law. The people’s court shall accept the lawsuit filed by the parties because of the time of cohabitation, property cutting or raising glue for their offspring.” When cohabitation on both sides of the seizure of gum kudzu, one party in order to disentangle the fetters of the other party, the appeal to the court to exempt the need for cohabitation, the people’s court is not accepted, because the cohabitation is not connected in the sense of law. But if one party is cut to the estate of cohabitation time and offspring foster wait for doubt to put forward appeal lawsuit, people court is ought to accept. As a result, both sides of the cohabitation time constitute the industrial link and offspring care link, is attributed to the law to maintain the civil law link. In the case, wang mou and xiao zhao both have no lover, and not before February 1, 1994 onset of cohabitation action, so wang mou begged the court to exempt the cohabitation between the two sides, the people’s court 盈幣寶介紹does not accept.

What is the standard for a woman to get a good husband?

徵信社法務費用What is the standard for a woman to get a good husband? Usually a lot of unmarried or married men are keen to tell the young female career women: in fact, you don’t have to work so hard, as long as you find a good husband, you can live a very comfortable life. Girl is used to ache naturally, not be used to boil soup to suffer a night, work overtime, go all out to kill duty field, that is the business that female strong person does, do a woman biggest career is to marry a good husband, have a good husband you why worry about for duty field, early go home when the wife goes, you see you, recently thin, the job is tired! In fact those keen to teach the girl to marry a good husband married or unmarried men, a private investigator, their wife or girlfriend, their own conditions are quite good, is pretty good, they don’t need to take care of each other’s life, and they don’t need to spell more have a career in business, some men’s wife is very bad, don’t have to worry about men. So they are more interested in worrying about the kind of small women they think they can’t live without men, the kind of professional women they think they will struggle very hard in the workplace, in their hearts occasionally care about a woman is also a man’s demeanor, after all, these days popular gentlemen, popular polyamorous, popular married man’s girlfriend. Even if a man has a girlfriend or wife who is either supportive or keeps the house in order, these women are usually hard-working and hard-working. Wh臺灣徵信社服務en their men have nothing, they do not abandon their men, would like to put all their wealth, all on their own men; When waiting for their man to flourish, they are better to their man, for fear that they ignored her man because of the little things, her man went to find a fox! In the same way, when a married or unmarried man, with around looking for rely on the small mm, with constantly rely on their own work women said: in fact, women do not need so hard, they just need to find a good husband can. It just means they found a great girlfriend or wife, and they’re showing off their life to you. If a small mm put to look for a good husband to put in the first of life, a woman thinks to want to look for a good husband to think oneself life entered safe only, future oneself life is clothing and food carefree, these women still wake up! There’s only one man in the world named daddy who thinks of you as a permanent treasure. As for the man to do your husband, he will only take you when everything his wife, he is highly demanding to you: a private investigator, you want to grow well, good personality, your family, your gentle is virtuous, your work is stable, you have to have a room have money, don’t add pressure to his current life, you have to show filial obedience parents, in-laws, you have to do is not shopping mad, you have to do in his career best worst can stick to him at such a time. A man never loses when it comes to his wife. When a woman think oneself understand a woman’s man ve徵信社是如何找人ry much, comfort a woman not so hard, find a good husband everything is fine, when the holy finger, this woman basically did not save, also forever find a bad husband. The so-called good husband, is nothing but good to you, willing to accompany you all your life. This kind of man has been unique, if a couple have not reached the gray head, do not talk about the title of a good man good husband! The world is always planning to catch up with changes, do not be a woman do not marry a good husband as the first choice, also do not feel self-pity that they live so hard, is not to find a good man to rely on, a good husband! Women don’t believe what other women tell you about their marital happiness, family harmony, and how nice their husbands are to her. Women and women between the dialogue, always like to exaggerate the composition of their own happy life, that is the instinct between women and women. It is not a show whether a woman is happy or not. She thinks that happiness is happiness. The woman of true happiness is gentle and gentle, never can say oneself husband how good to oneself, oneself have much happiness, the husband bought for oneself again what. Truly happy women, no matter at that age, are young, reserved and true. A woman want to find a good husband, their first independent ability, know what they want, know how to identify the man, know what kind of man for themselves. Again the woman has a niubi father, rich family, waiting for the man to beg you to keep, life pressure i徵信社價錢-徵信社收費方式s big, willing to be kept a lot of men! In this world nothing is eternal, feelings of changeable, want to let each other’s feelings change slowly some, women’s own quality cultivation is to keep up with, and advance with The Times! Want a man to a woman, the woman is more independent, elegant and confident posture, and the woman in any age, can enjoy the beauty of his age peacefully! When a woman makes herself elegant, fashionable and atmospheric woman, her good husband comes naturally! If a woman is not independent, confident, atmospheric, she hopes to find a good husband, private detective, may become a good husband of other women’s mistress victims, other men love many Angle plaything. The world is such a mess, woman you don’t like a man to fight, still here pack pure feeling, waiting for the future good husband to save you, that is you are wrong. Today’s men and women are not easy to live, who do not want to become each other’s burden, we are independent in each other each strong, finally fate to meet can want to meet the person is not bad, even if you can not meet the woman has his own house car ticket cause, life is not so chic. The standard that woman difficult way looks for a good husband is to raise you for a lifetime, close wake up, it is 21 centuries now, the house price of Beijing is 50001 level, difficult way you still expect to have a man to send you a house? A lot of men over 35 all can’t pay down payment, you still count on men, more count on yourself, maybe your goo徵信社 委託書-如何委託徵信d husband came!

Private detective, your husband cheated on you on your wedding night?

FCoin「交易即挖礦」的模式為何震撼了幣圈?Private detective, your husband cheated on you on your wedding night? Before we got married, chun sheng and I were in a long-distance relationship. He runs A fast food restaurant in city A, and I run A branch in city B. Long busy with work, seldom see each other. But we call so often that I don’t notice anything unusual. On my wedding day, an uninvited guest quietly appeared at my wedding with chun sheng. Private detective, but I didn’t see anything unusual at the time. For the woman, like all the other guests, was swallowed up in the crowd to watch our wedding in silence. Wedding night, my husband said he would accompany two friends from afar to talk, let me at home first muddied. Those two are his best friends, I think long 為何幣圈都用 Telegram?time no see, he is close at hand, chat is also appropriate. At midnight, chunsheng gave me a call, said one of the brothers kidney stone disease, distressed, took him to the hospital, let me rest first. I said why don’t I go and have a look? He said it was so late, you don’t come, later may transfer hospital. Busy so many days, I was very tired, did not think so much at that time, I first went to bed. At four o ‘clock in the morning, I was alarmed by the mobile phone ring, a woman said to me: “your husband in the XX hospital emergency room, you go quickly!” I immediately called chunsheng’s cell phone and turned it off. Call his friend cell phone, they said yesterday evening went back, not with chunsheng together. I immediately虛擬貨幣中的法幣-USDT have a kind of foreboding foreboding, hurried to the hospital to catch up, to that ability discovery, the husband really matter, and big matter. Originally that night my husband lie fraud and friends together, in fact, and small three to secretly meet. Later in the hotel room, chunsheng and the woman attack a violent conflict, to the middle of the night, chunsheng because of drinking wine, plus very tired, imperceptibly fell asleep, after chunsheng fell asleep, the woman was excited, unexpectedly chunsheng’s lifeblood cut off. And so began all that followed. Small three is what I said before, inexplicable present on our wedding that uninvited guest. It started A year ago when the private detective, haruki, met the woman at A 加密貨幣交易所(Cryptocurrency Exchanges)賺多少?sodality in city A and had an affair with her. After a can not be pushed, the woman finally fell in love with him unable to extricate oneself, see chunsheng and I married, the heart of the shame, think chunsheng fraud her feelings, thus leading to this unfortunate outcome. At present, chunsheng has been out of risk period, just finished surgery, is in recuperation period. The private detective told me about what had happened and had no further plans. I don’t know what will happen to him in the end. My feelings are mixed, but after all, I and chun sheng have feelings, I once helped him call the police, the woman will be free. At this stage, I will try my best to take care of him, comfort him, and stop the next step after he lea幣安創辦人趙長鵬:首位登上 Forbes 封面的加密貨幣富豪!ves the hospital.

In the dark constantly groping for that trace of so-called warmth

徵信社 跟蹤What to say? The story is too long, too long to almost dare not look back, often look back in the past, in addition to full of acid and full of tears left what? Since there is no turning back, move on. Private detective, right? On January 11, tell yourself to step back. No matter how hard it is to go backwards, keep cheering yourself up. In the last few days often immersed in the story of others can not extricate themselve婦幼徵信社BLOGs. Heart also followed up and down, always unable to restrain to see the netizens hate the iron is not steel abuse, and then self substitute, imagine is to scold yourself, this kind of self-abuse can not stop, maybe this way to make yourself feel better. In the heart of the incomparable suffering, in addition to the end of the year also lost his job. This has been the lowest point for some time. I don’t know when I can go 婦幼徵信out. But he, the hero of the story, is also experiencing the reality of suffering, did not care about me. Maybe I’m asking too much again. A few cold words on the phone today infuriated him instantly. Said he didn’t want to explain anything to me anymore. I haven’t heard from you all day. Heart full of sour, feelings and work are on a man’s body, it feels too uncomfortable. Dare not anger dare not say, really do not know h徵信社費用ow he became such a look. Do not know how he will say good night today, ask yourself not to expect, but still can not put the moment of the phone and other information. Suddenly some love yourself, why should be so dependent on a person, clearly can have a sunny life but in the dark constantly groping for a trace of the so-called warmth. Wake up and be strong! Start today by recording how you’ve grown up and grown up. Dear婦幼徵信社 myself, come on.

My husband was on a business trip and his buddy asked me if I needed a man?

盈幣寶Bingbon用戶代為操盤風險提示My husband was on a business trip and his buddy asked me if I needed a man? Not long ago, my husband’s good friend blue sky came home as a guest. I accompanied my husband and talked with him for a long time. When he left, he said that my husband was very handsome and had married such a beautiful and virtuous wife. This sentence, my husband and I are very good, I to him is more a good impression, to the husband said he this elder brothers is really good. The husband also says blue sky is really a very good elder brothers, had helped him at ordinary times many. They have known each other for nearly a decade and have always been on good terms. Later things happened, but completely subvert the blue sky in my mind’s image. My husband went out on a business trip, the first night after he left, I received a blue sky text message, he asked my husband is not at home, whether feel lonely? I think he is out of kindness to ask, then reply message said not lonely, but it is very quiet, but free to think a lot of things. Soon, the blue sky text message came again, he asked me what I think, have thought of him. I don’t understand, then reply to say what all want, of course also t關於IOS用戶使用企業證書的說明-盈幣寶hought of him, because he is the good friend of the husband, the husband said he is a very good elder brothers. Blue sky asked me how I felt about him. I said fine. Then he asked me if I wanted to see him. At this time, I suddenly realized what, hurriedly replied that now is not convenient. He said that this time is not convenient for another time, and then said goodnight to me. That night I lay in bed tossing and turning, thinking about blue sky text messages, how can not sleep. What the hell does he mean by private investigator? The next night, his message came again, is a disgusting meat, followed by his words, asked me whether I think this joke is funny. Actually, I didn’t find it funny at all. I got goose bumps all over. However, out of politeness, I replied that I felt a little funny. Blue sky and asked me if I feel lonely, want to have a person to accompany. I say to want, but husband is not beside, can at ease wait for him to come back. He then asked me if I had thought about finding another man to accompany me. I felt shocked. Why did he ask? I replied quickly that I had not thought about it. After a while, the phone rang and it was blue sky. I asked him w網頁版體驗測試 -盈幣寶hat was wrong, and he said he was lonely and wanted to talk to me. Unable to refuse, I asked him what he wanted to talk about. He said to talk about men and women. And then ask me how many men do I think a woman can have in her life? I thought about it, and it’s hard to say, but now many women have experienced more than one man in their lives. Blue sky asks me to want to experience again besides the man of husband. I did not expect him to ask such a question, and was at a loss for an answer when the blue sky said in an ambiguous tone: “sister-in-law, if you want, you can come with me. “I suddenly felt a wave of anger from the bottom of my heart, straight to the forehead, loudly accused him:” kui you still call my sister-in-law, don’t you know the brothers wife can not be bullied? Hung up the phone, my anger is difficult to eliminate, was about to call to tell the husband, let him stay away from the villain, but then think, this matter will be a big blow to the husband, they decided to hide this matter in the heart, after trying to find a way to let the husband estranged from the blue sky. Reply: the elder brother’s wife can not be bullied. He is not a good man thatUSDT軍備競賽-盈幣寶 would cheat his brother’s wife. Treat this kind of small person, the woman’s anger not only sounded the alarm bell to him, also showed his position, maintained his dignity, more can let the other side to retreat. Women need to meet all kinds of people in life. When you find that someone you trust has irrational thoughts about you, anger can certainly express your thoughts, but anger alone is not enough, and distance from each other in time can better protect yourself. Modern women live in a complex era, only close to the gentleman, far from the villain, life may be more smooth. The woman enters marriage is very not easy thing, but do not represent affection to have entered safe deposit box. If love, many women still have fantasy, marriage women should learn to cherish all the reality. Emotional, especially marriage, has brought about a 5-7 year period of slow development due to women’s physical and psychological problems, which has affected women’s development to a certain extent. Therefore, women must cherish the existing marriage, do not let the second marriage or cheating on the emotional life to bring more obstacles to their development. Toss about marriage fo【盈幣寶】-bingbon-台灣上線首月,日交易額突破30億台幣(約1億美元)r women is taboo!

The young woman is not happy after marriage

比特幣現狀It’s another sleepless night, which is often the case, especially in the last few years when you’re a stay-at-home mom. My husband and I have been married for 8 years. He chased me for 8 years before we got married. Before I met my husband, I had a boyfriend who was four years older than me. At the request of my ex-boyfriend, we had a relationship and forced me to get pregnant. I was terrified. Met in the university now husband, he was very good to me, but I can’t entertain wild hope, to the love gradually due to impress me and he go together, but I don’t love him, because I don’t like his personality and he is a man, but I did enjoy his care plus I very self-abased, for I have not a virgin felt himself unworthy to find the better, but my husband is honest, obedient to me, so I want to just let it be. He and I together to continuously are afraid of me or love me, and I it doesn’t matter to him, so we are not good in sex life together, but I am unable to throw off this kind of circumstance, because I always feel now have personal can accept me is good, so we get married, but I have a climax, and he rarely because he basical比特幣礦難的根源ly one or two minutes to complete. Others lazy, now very fat, work pressure is also big, so our sex life is more discordant, a month all once, I now special pain, do not know how to do. People are not bad, I have been very good, but married so many years I have never been satisfied. I’ve only been dating my ex for half a year, but my sex life with him is pretty good. If I hadn’t had sex, I might be better off, but I’m really in pain right now. Divorce him. In fact, I hate to spend so much time with him and I have kids. Do I have to suppress my own needs for a lifetime? I always told him that my wedding day with him was like a pool of stagnant water, meaningless. Private detective reply: one, about adolescence that dot muddle thing: carry a wonderful, simple like and do not like, in green acerbity take a bit of bitchy, without the edification of theoretical life, want to be in only pure only together, the way that shows love is strong continues to go to bed after going to bed namely. Eat forbidden fruit hateful, more hateful is not careful of pregnancy but encountered only care about sex but do not want to clean up the mess如何獲得比特幣 of the Lord, when you walk into the hospital alone abortion and repair the physical and mental time, believe your world is gray. Not so much your love lost space, but to say lost heartless, because you see through the former boyfriend man demon dog like, but also because you were too young at that time, no comfortable economic support he helped you share a little surgery costs, so worth mentioning, the key is that he did not have the least care for you. Imagine, so not bear when the man, even if you have the audacity to peest him and marry him in a few years, your marriage estimate is only sexual happiness, and in other levels are to you yourself, dare to ask between men and women as long as there is no other level of sexual pain, so why should be called high animal? The grim ideal informs us that a woman will never forget the man who gave her an orgasm, even if that man is scum. That bit of trivia: second, about married during most of the men in love are racking their brains to please his wife, once married, will immediately tight feeling a bit string to relax, to do this, and will accompany the wife to leave some time a比特幣的特點nd all the brothers in the sea eat together drink, this is why men after marriage to fat, on the one hand, is no longer for a wife, and the key reason is can’t good to hold himself that broken mouth, due to the temptation of food and alcohol. Your pain represents contemporary woman’s pain, because a lot of men after marriage it is difficult to let a woman enjoy orgasm in the bedroom, or some women didn’t experience climax, the rest of my life so very husband enjoy the happy life, as you say, if do not have to former boyfriend, you may also think sex is just a minute. This is a period when only the hands of diligence can handle enough food and clothing. For this reason, we need to change a way of life, that is, to make life become more delicate. In addition to the law of diet, but also to understand a little health knowledge; Men and women that point in addition to a certain number of times, but also to have quality every time; Work is to make money, money needs healthy body, so must exercise. To this end, do not one not satisfied or the current marriage is not satisfied with the thought of divorce, but try to change the st五個問答讓你秒懂區塊鏈原理及應用atus quo of life.

I’m worried about my wife going to the Internet cafe alone

徵信社工作My wife and I met and married on a blind date. Now it has been four years. She keeps staying at home without coming to work. She and I went out to work together last year, and after four months we started to quarrel and divorce, and then we had to go home first, and then we made up in the mediation of the family. Then she didn’t work out, I can only be a person out of work, we’ve agreed in July this year let her come to my work here to tourism, is to play, but in her to come two days before she again notice I don’t want to come, in fact, I very want to her, want her to come, then I told her, my mother my elder sister also advised her to, she is not willing to. As not willing to she came after, from the be債務協商BLOGginning of the car to her left that day did not give me a bit of good face, I asked her how, she said to bother me, do not want to see me, she also said to have bothered me, but I basically do not know how I. The day walking, she said she used to work to I went to see a manager know Internet cafe, also emphasized don’t let me go, that will I a listen to also not happy, then she didn’t good the spirit that you don’t let me go I won’t go, I just say that you don’t go to, she really didn’t go to, but it went into a knot in my heart, I know that she’s not happy, if she doesn’t let me touch her at night, we haven’t seen each other for half a year, she do this to me, let me very angry, and then in the evening, 徵信社營業項目I am still some suspicious, secretly looked at her WeChat, then use my WeChat added that the manager of his mouth, In WeChat I informed the store manager that my wife was married and had children. She sent a message to me after coming home, saying that there was no trust between us, saying that I was the heart, can not stand me, I know she found me see her WeChat, but in fact I love her, I do not want to divorce. Now she brought up the incident of my beating her last year and said she would never forgive me. Now she wants to go to another place to look for a job, find not to go home, now talk to me is to ask me to think well? I don’t want a divorce. What should I do? Private detective comment: think your 徵信社真實案例things should not be as simple as you said, the middle you do wrong what wife will be like this. Now she doesn’t have any love for you. She hasn’t seen you for a long time. About the store manager, personally feel is your wrong, should not hide from his wife with her friends to say those words, maybe she is to make friends, because you don’t want her to go at the time she did not insist on going. Your advice is to go home and talk to your wife, confess your mistakes, complain about her, and explain that you did something that made her unhappy because you cared about her and loved her. Ditch after giving her a free choice of space, she will go to stay by her own resolution, after all, two of a kind marriage will be happy.

Nowadays, people either cheat on their wives or ruin their marriages by violence

什麼是挖礦?礦工到底做了什麼事?I’m sure many of you have the feeling that marriage seems to be getting weaker and weaker, and that happiness in marriage is getting worse. Before marriage, men and women often take beautiful expectation, walk into marriage, however in the triviality after marriage, effuse affection gradually. Live a plain life, have an affair or ruin a marriage with violence… Therefore, divorce is more and more common and accepted by people. Private detective, but in many cases, there are many women in the relationship break up face marriage change, often do not give up marriage, always in the divorce this matter, extremely tangled and painful, it is difficult to choose. But why? I think the reasons are as follows. One, habits. By “habit,” I mean that a woman is used to the life of an accepted marriage, the relationships involved in it, and the trajectory of her life. Habits become natural and find it difficult to change or accept change. Even if the life is not satisfied, even if the relationship has broken down, this kind of habit of life, will subconsciously let themselves go on, will imply that this is their own life. Although, also want to divorce, also think should escape this kind of marriage, b誰是中本聰?ut the heart has been used to this kind of life environment once the change scruples, also have dependence. Two, at a loss. The second possible reason is that women in the face of broken feelings, the heart is very hurt, do not press and anxiety, at the same time tortured women, so that women are very vacant, do not know where to go. Life changes, feelings of injury, so that women are often unprepared. Women for marriage, generally there is fantasy, are expected to be happy and happy, so, women in marriage always strive to maintain a state, always with a good fantasy, so, once frustrated, will be at a loss in the choice. So, without a clear choice, you don’t want to lose your marriage. Three, fear. Marriage is a woman’s most important life event, there are a lot of women in the marriage change, often can not accept, in order to marriage failure suicide of women also have a lot. They sometimes defend the dignity of marriage with their lives. Therefore, they are afraid of marriage failure, for marriage failure, extreme fear. One is fear of failure. The other is fear of life after failure. Do not know, once lost marriage, the next face of the relationship or marriage will be what kind of moo什麼是區塊鏈(Blockchain)?d, often pessimistic mood has been lingering, marriage failure sequela, for a long time deterrent women, so, in the face of the breakdown of the relationship, women will be afraid, afraid of marriage failure, do not give up marriage. Four, fantasy. In addition to the above points, there is a kind of woman, relatively simple, for the failure of the feelings of the marriage of the threat of fantasy, fantasy marriage will turn around, will be happy. She fondly assumes that marriage won’t break up so easily, that men will cherish it as much as she does. Therefore, this kind of woman still holds on to the hope and holds on to the marriage in the face of the broken relationship, hoping that the marriage situation will turn around. So, she is also very reluctant to give up marriage. Five, kid. This is the most helpless one of the reasons, but also the most heartache of the most tangled women. When the relationship between a man and a woman is broken and the marriage cannot survive, the choice of whether to stay or leave the marriage is particularly prudent because of having children. They are afraid of hurting innocent children and causing irreparable harm to children because of divorce. So, the智能合約(Smart contract)的無限可能 woman, total meeting because of the child, not be willing to abandon marriage, sometimes, would rather oneself swallow humiliation, also want to maintain a marriage in name only. Six, disappointed. This is one of the most chilling reasons women are disappointed in their relationships and their marriages. Feel, no longer unable to love, no longer have confidence to manage a marriage, feel that everything she experienced seems to be the arrangement of fate, private detective so, regardless of their own face of the marriage, how the relationship is broken, still do not care about the marriage. Feel so, go on, go on, also go on like this. Only as if a no thought, no expectations, as a wooden person in the marriage. Therefore, when a woman is completely disappointed in her marriage and relationship, it doesn’t matter about marriage. Therefore, if the man doesn’t give up, the woman will stick to her marriage. Of course, when the relationship breaks down, the reason that the woman does not give up marriage still has more, but anyway, I hope men and women break up in the relationship, can face marriage calmly, no matter leave or leave, just try hard to do, do not force painstakingly. Just be hap什麼是比特幣(Bitcoin)?py with each other

How to destroy the ambiguous side of the man and small three?

量化交易Mistress is often evolved from ambiguous, in the appropriate practice of the appropriate place and place, and men ambiguous women will become the hidden danger of marriage, so women to prevent in already, as soon as possible to eliminate them. Women should not look down on this “ambiguous” relationship, although the appearance looks less harmful, but it is enough to let you psychological very tangled. He and female colleagues ambiguous relationship, perhaps even physical infidelity is not, but it is an astringent feeling, let you hard to trust. How to destroy the ambiguous side of the man and small three? Below private detective will fight action for you: 1, eliminate type: pretend to be weak small woman this kind of woman, belong to cowardly if qiong yao heroine more, be born do not have a bone, lifetime to look for b詐騙ig tree to rely on for the purpose everywhere. If your husband falls into the heroic category, wait until you help her with her paper today and fix her computer tomorrow. Ask a little, that unfortunate xi xi’s leading lady can drop bead tears in helpless form, hence your foolish husband can at once rage: “how did you, even have no sympathy?” Elimination method: jealous when the jealous concern stability and unity, how appeasement? Speak up your resentments and resentments. Set rules for him. Let him know how much you tolerate. Otherwise a endure again endure, occasionally have complain, he thinks you have a little petty. Receive this phone call again, write down a number, dial immediately go back, greatly square inform her, my husband cannot have every requirement, let her understand you are not a decoration. 2, elimin高頻交易ate type: lest the world is not disorderly woman has a kind of woman, like to see the men are confused by oneself most what appearance is, love to the man dozen two tone not clear telephone, send color message. He, on the other hand, prefers to enjoy the flesh. If you put forward a protest, he affirmation can refute: “the somebody else return small, be to play however, you all want to take seriously?” Exterminate method: drop a body to fight a this kind of woman although the dint of death is great, but wait his novel strength past, natural also no longer when one thing. Just smile and tell him about the same kind of women in my company, to lessen his excitement. Or just drop down and fight with her, dressed than she is still sexy and noble, more fashion than she is also more open. The soft rib of open model woman is ri財富自由ght oneself immaturity feels self-abased, below your powerful disinfection, assure accurate became ash immediately. Three, exterminate type: the neighbor that the woman tomboy of elder brother son type perhaps is him two small do not guess, perhaps be the good friend when he university, have a plenty of have never talked about love, have a plenty of have been lovelorn had entered tortoise breath to heal hurt period, anyhow it is unluckily little one track mind, to men and women relation have no blindness. Calling friends every day to kill time, just forget, her good friend and a lover at home. Exterminate method: inform the other party does not have time to do not want to participate in her and his space, early arrangement schedule is the right way. Use trivia to keep him engaged, to learn to personally tell someone “I套利 don’t have time.”

Company “ghost” leaked information fake personnel car rental fraud

徵信社 跟蹤Only one truckload of goods, but the company has sent two cars, jiashan a weaving factory boss lu had encountered such “nonsense” things. What’s going on here? Originally, a textile printing and dyeing company “ghost” cao a leaked information, the imposter wen a car to cheat goods. Reporters learned yesterday that the people’s procuratorate of jiashan county prosecuted the two defendants for fraud, and also prosecuted the two men who received the proceeds according to law. On the morning of October 24, 2010, lu received a phone call from a textile p婦幼徵信社BLOGrinting and dyeing co., LTD in jiashan, saying that he had sent a car to the factory to load the fabrics needed to be processed. Before long, a van truck drove into the factory, and lu immediately arranged for 200 rolls of Oxford cloth to be loaded onto the truck. Unexpectedly, another truck claiming to be the textile printing and dyeing company came to load the goods that afternoon. Clearly there is only one truck, how the company has sent two cars? Lu boss felt something strange, after the inquiry, the car over before is not the company. Lu boss t婦幼徵信his descend anxious, this one car goods can value 60 thousand multivariate, then immediately reported case. After the police received the alarm, the owner of the van began to follow the trail, through the transfer of the relevant intersection monitoring screen, three consecutive days all the way to the jiangsu province wujiang shengze town of a trade zone a store warehouse, finally found the fake collar of 200 rolls of Oxford cloth. After the interrogation of the purchase of the batch of cloth zhao and introduce the business yao so-and-so, two per c徵信社費用apita account, cloth from a man named cao some low price to buy. Originally, cao some department jiashan some textile printing and dyeing co., LTD. Clerk, the job is to find customers for the company, contact business. According to the normal operation process, the salesman will be customer information concentration, dispatching personnel unified to the customer’s labab expect the company dyeing processing. Because the company salesman and dispatcher in an office, cao mou found it easy to obtain scheduling information, and then generated the idea of婦幼徵信社 cheating cloth.