What should divorce proceedings be like?

BITCASE盈幣寶In handling a divorce case, the people’s court shall conduct mediation; If the relationship is really broken and mediation fails, divorce should be granted. The divorce proceedings are divided into three stages: prosecution stage, trial stage and judgment stage. Proceedings for divorce proceedings in a divorce case refer to a request made by one party of a marriage relationship to the people’s court to terminate the marriage relationship with the other party according to law. One party is the plaintiff and the other party is the defendant. According to the provisions of the civil procedure law of our country, the prosBCH盈幣寶ecution of civil cases must meet four conditions. Divorce cases also belong to civil cases, so the divorce proceedings must conform to the conditions of the civil procedure law and have their own characteristics: (1) the plaintiff must be an individual who has a direct interest in the case; (2) there is a clear defendant; (3) there are specific claims and facts, reasons; (4) under the jurisdiction of the people’s court. According to our country “civil procedure law” regulation, divorce action applies general area jurisdiction. The party that asks divorce namely, must suit to the people’s court of place of respondent cADA盈幣寶ensus register, if respondent census register seat and habitual residence are not consistent, suit to people’s court of habitual residence. Only those divorce cases with the above four conditions can be accepted by the people’s court. During the divorce proceedings, the plaintiff shall submit the pleadings and copies to the people’s court. The complaint includes the following contents: (1) name, sex, age, place of origin, place of employment and present address of plaintiff and defendant; (ii) the claim and the facts and grounds on which it is based; (3) evidence and sources of evidence, witness name and address. The 搬磚people’s court decided to accept the case and the divorce proceedings began immediately. The trial stage of divorce proceedings initiated by the court refers to the sum of all the investigations conducted by the people’s court from the commencement of the proceedings after the people’s court receives the proceedings to the date of making the judgment. According to the provisions of the civil procedure law of our country, the trial is divided into three stages: preparation before trial, mediation and hearing: 1. Preparation before trial. The people’s court shall file the case within 7 days after receiving the divorce p量化交易roceedings and, upon examination, meet the conditions for filing the case, and serve the copy of the litigation to the defendant within 5 days after filing the case, and the defendant shall file a defense within 15 days after receiving the copy of the litigation; Judicial personnel review litigation materials, conduct investigation and research, and collect evidence; The people’s court shall replace the parties who do not meet the requirements for bringing a suit or responding to an action, and notify the parties who meet the requirements to participate in the proceedings; According to the litigation request of the pa詐騙rties to the litigation preservation or pay first. 2. Mediation. After accepting a divorce case, the people’s court shall first mediate between the parties so that they can resolve their differences and understand each other so as to reach a divorce or a reconciliation agreement. If a reconciliation agreement is reached, the people’s court shall keep the record of the agreement on file and generally do not issue a conciliation statement. If a divorce agreement is reached, the people’s court shall prepare a conciliation statement signed by the judges and court clerk and affixed with the seal of the people’s court. The 高頻交易conciliation statement shall have the same legal effect as the judgment. 3. Court hearing. If the mediation by the people’s court fails, the court shall hold a hearing. The parties and other participants in the proceedings shall be notified of the date of the hearing three days prior to the hearing. Before the hearing, the court clerk shall ascertain whether the parties and other participants in the proceedings are present and declare the court discipline. The judges shall check the parties, announce the cause of action, and announce whether the judicial officers have withdrawn; After that, a court investigation begin財富自由s, questioning the parties and their statements; To inform the parties of their rights and obligations, to question witnesses, and to read out the testimony of witnesses who have not appeared in court; To consult the expert and read out the conclusion; Produce documentary evidence, material evidence and audio-visual materials; Read out the record of inspection. Then, the court began to debate, the plaintiff and his agent AD litem, the defendant and his agent AD litem f, both sides of the debate. 3. The judgment stage of divorce proceedings initiated by the court shall, according to the court proceedings, be subject to套利 further mediation. If mediation fails, the judgment shall be pronounced immediately. All judgments shall be made in public by the people’s court. If a judgment is pronounced in court, the written judgment shall be served within 10 days; If a judgment is pronounced on a regular basis, a written judgment shall be issued immediately after the judgment is pronounced. The first trial of a divorce case is over. If the parties are not satisfied with the judgment, they may appeal to the court at the next higher level and proceed with the proceedings of second instance. The above three stages are the inevitable stages in the 盈幣寶divorce proceedings.

“Do not disturb” and “strong” reasons for their divorce

BNB盈幣寶66, finally divorced. “My father is here sorting through the past. It’s only been 10 years, and he’s almost a stranger to me.” Liu liu, a famous screenwriter, acquiesced in divorce on weibo. Liu liu’s mobile phone has been turned off yesterday, she said on weibo, “seemingly smart” response: thank you friends for your attention, too much exposure will hinder my love! A person is better than two people, found a person better than him, without him can also be very good. Over the past two months, liu liu has been at the forefront of the controversy. Weibo was shut down for a time; My son’s photo was published by a weekly magazine. The promotion of the new book “little sweetheart” and the TV series “mind” never tired of talking about marriage; On “if you are the one” as a special audience…… After all sorts of clamour, 66 these days of sadness reached a climax. “DrBITCASE盈幣寶eaming last night, walking in the street, I suddenly forgot all the phone Numbers and the contact information of my relatives. I didn’t know where I was going or what the future would be. The street was sometimes sad and sometimes busy. Tears streaming down my face. Youth, so past.” Shanghai private detective thinks always with “strong big woman” appear 66, this “weak woman heart” micro blog, moved countless netizens. And in 66 “youth”, accompanied by her ex-husband for 10 years, is obviously a very important, she also said, “I trust the hand to look at the young woman’s love notes, days in addition to romantic love is lingering”. Before, newspaper reporter interview, 66 six had revealed that she and her husband are childhood sweethearts, two families live in a community. After getting married, they went to Singapore together. 66 had said that this man not only dBCH盈幣寶otes on her, but is also very tolerant. “It wasn’t him, it was me walking too fast. People in the beginning of love is standing on the same starting line, but people such as water, or pentium or slow, running, two bifurcated. Just like the Yangtze river and the Yellow River, the sources are separated by a few miles and the estuaries have gone north and south.” Liu liu, who has described various kinds of marriage relationships in the book, still cannot hide his disappointment in the face of the fact of divorce. Shanghai private investigators believe that liu liu’s “strength” is the main reason for the breakup of the marriage. Private detective company “micro blog fights mistress, has the suspicion of kidnapping social moral opinion, get everyone’s support to get the pleasure of the heart.” According to the Shanghai private detective, the practice will do nothing tADA盈幣寶o solve the marriage problem. It will only lead to more confusion and worse problems. Prior to the announcement of the divorce, 666’s recent news appeared on if you are the one. Liu liu said this is to find inspiration for a new script, but yesterday’s divorce news, more let a lot of netizens guess liu liu is looking for her boyfriend to go. On weibo, 66 not only uploaded “into her eyes” male guests photos, but also blunt: I like little phoenix eyes long legs, consistent, I think good. After several consecutive posts of self-pity, liu liu picked himself up and even began to laugh at himself: “I have been grovelling at home for a long time, hoping he could forgive me for walking too fast. It wasn’t until one day that I realized that it wasn’t a mistake for me to walk too fast. Why didn’t I complain that he walked too slowly and didn’t keep up with me? The Chinese 搬磚woman stood up.

Empowering citizens to deter personal information thieves

徵信社 評價So-called “jiangnan first detection” private detective han bing to “xin min weekly” exclusive since explode black curtain: alleged “holmes” it is information broker however. He said that if public security, health, education, housing management, car management and other public departments, Banks, communications, aviation, insurance and other commercial service organizations do not have “ghost”, private investigators, no matter how powerful, to obtain relevant core information of citizens “almost impossible”. Although the author of this industry is completely ignorant of the inside information, but han bing institute “disclosure” of information again confirmed a everyone’s guess, that is, the relevant departments and units did not do their duty and obligation to protect citizens’ personal information. I personally believe that the legality of private detective work should not be our focus. In fact, on the one hand, even if there is no private detective, as long as there ar徵信社找人e loopholes in the system, our personal privacy and private information will still flow into the society in different ways. On the other hand, many countries have legitimate private investigators, but the level of disclosure of private information is much lower than ours. So, have illicit detective, whether allow illicit detective to legalize, how to standardize illicit detective activity limits, to the protection of individual privacy, not crucial problem. The real question is: first, should personal information be protected by law? Second, how should personal information protected by law be protected? It is no longer a problem that personal information should be protected by law. In China, including my address, telephone number, family situation, income status, physical condition and other personal information belongs to the scope of personal privacy, whether to disclose relevant personal information, unless required by law, all belong to the scope of independent decisiwww.cdrom007.com/on. In case of illegal disclosure of personal information, individuals have the right to be protected according to law. Thus, the key to the problem is how to protect personal information according to law. In our country, a huge amount of personal information is flowing into society in incredible ways. Technology experts have revealed that it is now possible to monitor everything you say and do without a person’s knowledge or any physical contact with you. The continuous progress of technology, of course, has improved the ability to fight against crime, but it has also made the legitimate rights and interests of ordinary people face an increasingly serious threat. The legal protection of individual privacy cannot be entirely dependent on state organs. As a right, the right of privacy fundamentally depends on the sound mechanism of the right holder to protect his own right. Just think, if our privacy is leaked, we have the right to ask the police to carry out investigation台灣徵信社-什麼是徵信社 activities, we can Sue the infringers in the court, and we can get relevant compensation, even huge compensation, so that the society can have countless more policemen without paying more costs. The purpose of giving people rights is to arm them and let them defend their rights. Therefore, the establishment of a state under the rule of law is not to strengthen the power of the state, but to mobilize the masses to help themselves in accordance with the law within the framework of the system. Han bing’s disclosure once again proves a simple truth to the public: in the absence of legal constraints, it is possible for anyone not to take the rights of others seriously (otherwise, it is impossible for private information to be disclosed), including state organs and state-owned enterprises. It can be inferred that the realization of rights cannot depend on others. The essence of law is the protection of rights, and the right holder is the first person responsible for the protec徵信社私人調查找人尋人tion of rights.

Private investigators work on the Internet

花蓮徵信社推薦Online Shouting high profile, usually do things low-key. At the beginning of the last century, Shanghai’s cheng xiaoqing et al. ‘s “hawthorne detective” became popular all over the country. Hawthorne, the hero of the novel, was born in the old Shanghai’s ten mile foreign field. And now, Shanghai beach also gave birth to a batch of so-called “private detective”, they are a group of what kind of person? On Thursday, a reporter called detective agency 009 to inquire about an “affair with a loved one.” Receptionist claims, investigation of individual whereabouts does not have difficulty, one-time pay 4000 yuan, do not give half a month, the video data that provides investigator whereabouts, go out time place, contact object, social activity. The receptionist adds, they offer investigation, lawsuit one – train service, if encounter the problem such as marital affairs, after obtaining evidence lawfully, still can arrange a lawyer, solve a problem through legal way. The reporter again accuses the advertisement company department manager of plagiarizing the employee design work, and have an affair ground, ask for help to “zhong shun private detective agency”. “As long as you have the license plate number of the manager, you can get it done in 10 days. We have special cars to track it,” said the company’s Mr. Xia. “Our business license has everything. It is absolutely formal. The contract is legally binding.” Type in “private detective” and the search engine will be filled with pages of “detective agencies”, large and small. According to rough statistics, there are more than 100 in Shanghai, and most of the businesses are business investigation, marriage investigation and civil investigation. To attract attention, some home pages exaggerate the words “is your wife having an affair?” At the beginning of last week, the reporter went to the office of a well-known private detective agency in Shanghai to find out what was going on, under the premise that he would not disclose the company’s information. The office is located in a business building in xujiahui, the door without any company logo, push the door into, only to see an astronomical telescope. More than 100 square meters of room, there are meeting rooms, reception rooms, offices and other different areas. “Our business license is a market research company, not a private detective agency.” “A higher profile online is to attract customers, but a lower profile in real life is necessary,” said business manager xiao li. The company’s personnel structure is divided into business managers, investigators, technology and network, security and so on. In this personnel structure, the business manager is the only “job” allowed to contact with the outside world and the parties, and the office is responsible for negotiating the business. And the investigators, in fact, work from another location. The company has 4 business managers, more than 20 investigators, technical personnel, the size is medium. Different “jobs” have different age requirements, professional background and special skills. Xiao li graduated from the law department of a university in Shanghai and has worked for more than three years. Business managers are responsible for communicating with customers, deploying solutions and providing legal advice. They are in their 20s and earn about 3,000 yuan a month, with a 30 percent commission on each case. Investigator whereabouts receives protective investigator to wait by turn course of study soldier, police to hold the post mostly, having basic “detect” skill, but the mainest is bear hardships and stand hard work and keep secret strictly, of course, appearance also cannot look too make public. At the private detective agency, investigators’ whereabouts are closely guarded and requests for access have been politely declined. “They are no different from ordiwomanyoung.com.twnary people, except that when there is a case, they work day and night, and when there is no case, they can rest,” said li. Investigators are under intense pressure because of their illegal status. Xiao li introduced several basic skills, the first is to squat skills, such as looking for a tree, telephone booth as a cover; The second is to follow the car skills, the best car tracking. Once confirmed, investigators often abandon the day’s tracking for safety reasons. In 1993, the Ministry of Public Security issued a notice prohibiting the establishment of private detective agencies. “Legally speaking, there is no private detective in China,” said zheng gang, a legal researcher and author of China business investigation report. “since we are ‘detectives’, we must have investigations. However, in many advertisements, reports and word of mouth, spying, eavesdropping, covert tracking and other investigative methods are widely used by private investigators. And that’s where the industry is controversial. The 009 receptionist repeatedly said: “all the videos collected are about the whereabouts of the subject in public places and have no privacy implications.” But, when the reporter puts forward the indoor activity that should investigate further to respondent, he expresses however, can do such investigation project, but cost is higher, need 10 thousand multivariate ability to do commonly. “In order to attract business and survive, some detective agencies may invade others’ privacy.” “In fact, we use all civilian equipment, such as telescopes, cameras, mini recorders, cars and so on. There are pinhole cameras, but they’re in public places. As for button bugs, locators, they’re in movies.” Invasion of privacy is the equivalent of “burning the candle at both ends”. Most detective companies, in the course of their investigation, only “touch and go”. Wang (not his real name) from a well-known business security co澎湖徵信社推薦mpany in Shanghai describes a case in which they had to provide a video of their husband staying overnight at a client’s request. They installed a video camera in the corridor of the hotel to record the husband and a third person entering the room and leaving in the morning within 24 hours. Of course, in court, private investigators cannot testify because they do not have the right to a civil investigation and all evidence is presented by the client. “We are just assisting the client with her request. The judge doesn’t go so far as to trace the source of the evidence.” “A few years ago, all sectors of society paid much attention to the private detective industry, but now it is becoming less and less. This is a good thing, which gives us some space. Each person does things steadily, relies on the standard, the survival of the fittest.” Mr. Wang said. In some small private detective agencies, marriage research accounts for 80 percent. But at some mature research firms, the figure is only about 30%. “A lot of research companies have this process early on. You can’t say there’s anything wrong with that. But compared to business research and intellectual property, the subject of marriage research is very small.” In the “private detective” industry, there are also low-end and high-end. Low-end “detective companies” advertise in tabloids, expose cases on BBS and blogs, and even post “psoriasis” on roadsides and walls. High-end clients do not need publicity. They have regular clients and sources: they receive cases from law firms, or they attend entrepreneurs’ associations and special exhibitions to find clients, etc. Most of them have good relations with corporate legal personnel. “We are walking on the edge of the law. We cannot touch the high wire.” “There is no way to clean up the house,” Mr. Wang said. “we just have to stay out of it.” As a result, there are very few horizontal links between private dete筆跡鑑定BLOGctive agencies.

Affair investigation: a woman’s confession of an extramarital affair

盈幣寶-什麼是差價合約槓桿Affair investigation: a woman’s confession of an extramarital affair. I am a woman that has extramarital affair, I understand oneself fell in love with the person that does not belong to me in this life, do not know oneself calculate not to be a bad woman. But one thing I know for sure is that I love him with all my heart and with no regrets. I do not understand why I can have such a deep attachment to him, I like his words and deeds, every move, like his smile and his everywhere show the male courage. He is a good man, is a man of heart of career and family obligations, and this is why I love him, one of I love he doesn’t want to destroy their family, don’t want to hurt anyone, I don’t like living in the dream and the woman in the dream, also know fall in love with a shouldn’t love people will form the negative impact, more know clearly to be feared. For the love without result, for we are not to face the heart of the guilty family, we have gained, and hoping, accept love each other’s pain and suffering, the separation, he said you are a good woman, I shouldn’t provoke you, I said it’s not your fault, he said that I give you sing a song, please, my heart is smiling to home in tears after盈幣寶Web及手機H5合約地址 hearing the song, and then I was ill. So repeated after a period of time after the departure, did not expect our feelings not only decline, but increasingly deepened. He said why people can not have two love, I agree. At this point break up again failure, declare complete failure. He is a man who is not good at talking to women and expressing his feelings. He does not have the delicate heart of southern men towards women. He cannot make women happy or understand women’s scheming. He is the kind of woman heart to feel and understand the man, just heart will feel his true and his love, from his eyes will see his love for you. I remember that autumn I came back from a business trip, to the station time to two o ‘clock in the morning, he said to come to pick me up, I said it was not too late, he said nothing I go to pick you up, I understand him, he does not like the confession, like the real in the do, to anyone so sincere. Never thought the train was delayed for nearly two hours, he is from another city driving hurried there at twelve o ‘clock, when I walked exit see standing in the autumn wind howling in the gaze towards him when I step by step, the moment I’m impressed, really, really wa盈幣寶Bingbon-全球官方交流群正式上線nt to go up and gave him a big hug at that time, but I suppress the himself, hidden tears smile he and I each other understand each other, so that night I couldn’t help but made his lover. I remember someone said, true love is not requited, you feel wronged, when it is a release of the feelings. I also have wronged time, after all, I am not a perfect woman, I again and again of transposition consideration, think I if he will do, so I will gradually understand him, including him, also give myself to find a psychological balance reason, to comfort myself. But when I called him, he never let you despair. Sometimes it was inconvenient to answer the phone. He would call you right then and there. It didn’t make any sense, but it was good enough for a man of his character. He is a competitive and self-esteem is particularly strong person, or a domineering person, is an economic mind, very confident career oriented man. In life is not a casual man, he often escape from the boring entertainment and recreational place back home, he loves his home, his wife and his son, he will not pour out his frustration and pressure to his wife, he is a man of difficult prop himself, when speaking of son, and his差價合約交易-盈幣寶bingbon face will show that, the proud happy expression. He is a man that lets a woman can rely on, have safe feeling, although he is not the kind of man that understands a woman scheming, but with him together you are very relaxed, what all need not think, also need not tube, he can decorate very good, ha ha, have bit of domine, but I like this domine. We are lovers, but more like a friend, little chance to meet, in fact everyone in the mind is very understand, the time was invented by himself, we don’t give I deliberately invented many time to meet, we must control himself, hold good limit, is what I look forward to every day and looking forward to, but also understand a lot of can’t, after all, he does not belong to me. This love is both tired and painful, but since the choice, will not regret, when the pain will adjust my state of mind, you will understand that this love has sweet and happy, leisure time to think at the same time happy bit by bit, after all, is a wonderful memory, I just want to cherish the fate. Thank god for letting me know you. It’s good to know you. I don’t know where this relationship will go, so let it go. That’s all a private investigator can tell you about a woman wh【盈幣寶】手續費優惠公告o had an affair.

The mother beat her son who was having an affair with her daughter-in-law in the street

徵信社委託流程The mother beat her son who was having an affair with her daughter-in-law in the street. At 9:20 am on the sidewalk in front of a hotel at no. 55 songbei first road, songbei district, Harbin, a middle-aged man did not come home for several days because of an affair. After his mother and wife found him, they fought with each other. Nearby patrol auxiliary police arrived, after more than 10 minutes of persuasion, three 婦幼徵信社BLOGpeople and leave the scene. That day at 9:20 xu, songbei patrol auxiliary police brigade auxiliary police in the patrol suddenly received the masses reported, in front of a hotel there are two women are fighting a middle-aged man. According to the deputy chief wang xiliang, three auxiliary police arrived at the scene, three people have stopped fighting, a man of about 30 years old sitting on the road teeth, shirt unti警民徵信社BLOGdily, shirt buttons are all open, next to an older woman emotional very excited, has been accusing the man, and a middle-aged woman standing beside. Auxiliary police learned from three people, the two women are the middle-aged man’s mother and wife. The man’s mother said that his son had two children with his daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law was very responsible for the family. However, her son had an affair and p徵信社安心服務lanned to divorce his wife. After that day she and daughter-in-law find son, because too angry fight together. Nearby surveillance footage shows the man’s mother and wife clinging to him as he tried several times to free himself, ripping off the man’s shirt during a fight that lasted about five minutes. When auxiliary police saw that the three people were in stable mood, they were advised patiently and left the scene 婦幼徵信社BLOGafter ten minutes.

Private detective, my husband has a mistress

DASHPrivate detective, husband to part-time job have small three? My husband and I fell in love for three years, get married half a year, in shaanxi yanan my husband to learn a driver’s license to use spare time to go to the pub to work, the second day meet small three, small three every Saturday go to the pub to dance, often make a phone call to send text messages to my husband, small three is graduating from high school, I was at home is quite big, so my husband yield to the impending nuptials of small three attack relationship, finally to my husband in order to force me to divorce her level, finally in when I was BTCseven months pregnant and separation. So he would and small three aboveboard cohabitation, from quick to have children, I am put my child and I lost whatever don’t ask, the divorce of time write agreement he won’t let have children, I will agree to what I thought I down, he can impress him, he said let me back to his house after divorce gave birth to her child, but left after marriage I told me anyway don’t want this child, he has this kid is a burden, don’t let me stay in his house that hinder him in, together with small three children tending I don’t want a penny, since his parents said I don’t the child, the sBSVon of we don’t, I drove out did not even give me money, We divorce a half month, he once telephone also did not dozen, down to change all contact way, before this he said the child gave birth to you to sell or send a person or anyway I be not to want, I am henan he is yan ‘an, I how ability make him can turn head, give the child an intact home? Private detective reply: why do you want to keep such a man? Really do not see the need to retain and retain the room. Your husband’s doing your thing while you’re pregnant is the biggest mistake a man, a husband can make. It’s unforgivable. After parting, still be oppositBRCe unexpectedly pregnant wife regardless regardless of disregard, even to a normal woman, also unapt such unfeeling, what’s more you still other parts of the world, do not rely on. This is a terrible sin. Besides, in such cases, you can actually pursue your husband’s legal obligations and get 100% of the compensation you deserve. So, such a man basically no need to retain. Perhaps now your situation is more difficult than, but also don’t think about with this man again, because even now compound, his future also can’t give you happiness. So now the burning danger is the first to find him to take compensation, if nBNBot resort to law.

If I want to go, how should I deal with his mood?

盈幣寶-新手價差合約必讀I am 27,167cm in appearance, with a bachelor’s degree from a famous university, a foreign enterprise, a second-tier provincial city in my hometown, a teacher’s family, and an only child. 24,177 cm male, very handsome, junior college, state-owned enterprise, hometown rural, now the family in our first-tier city business, a brother has been married and lives in another city, male inherited diabetes. My income is twice his. Ambiguous 5 months now just together. During this period, I felt that he understood girls’ thoughts very well.盈幣寶-手機即時行情APP He was considerate, delicate, smart, mature, kind-hearted and had a wonderful personality. Get along with the interests of like-minded, mutual understanding and appreciation, long ze, two people are very committed feelings. One specific problem is that I have recently had the opportunity to do overseas projects in my work for 1-2 years, and I want to go there. Every time I mentioned it, the male votes showed their attitude of not objecting and worrying about our future. If I want to go, how should I deal with his emotion? Anothe盈幣寶-USDT傳送教學r problem is that people around us are objectively negative about us, and I know we have a lot of minefields together that can be stressful at times. What should I pay attention to in the future? A: if you are working on this overseas project and your relationship is not looking good, you may break up. And even if the two of you don’t break up, you’ll be 29 when you come back in a year or two. At that time, it is impossible for you to get married immediately, and you will be 30 in another year and half. With his status quo that h盈幣寶-基本操作e is 3 years younger than you, how he and his family will treat your marriage in your second-tier city at that time is really uncertain. However, overseas projects do help you grow personally, and I’ve grown a lot overseas in the past, so these two options are all about what you want. If you want to get married as soon as possible, you may have to give up overseas projects. If you are a person like me who likes to grow up on your own, I am afraid that overseas projects are really more attractive and you will regret not going to t盈幣寶-充值教學hem in the future.

Before marriage, her boyfriend and ex-girlfriend are still entangled

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社Husband and wife life is disharmonious, beg private detective move! My boyfriend and I have known each other for two years. We are going to get married in October. We are both from zhangzhou and work in xiamen. My boyfriend knew me before he had three girlfriends, he told me, but I think they are about to get married, I do not mind the previous things, who did not past, as long as the future on a point not to fool around, and my boyfriend also told me, he and the former girlfriend have no contact. Before I encountered a small three, the former after cheating on his return to request I forgive, I softhearted agreed at the time, thought that the former is still didn’t change ttaiwan private detective徵信社he bad habit of flower heart, pain, when I was on a business trip bar fooling around with another woman, after I found I was sadly, broke up, after meet boyfriend now, we have been very smoothly, ready to get married. I didn’t expect that at 11 o ‘clock last night, my boyfriend and I were ready to have a rest. My boyfriend’s mobile phone rang suddenly. Due to the particularity of his work, he was required to turn on the phone 24 hours a day. The result boyfriend answered the phone, did not speak, after a few seconds hung up. I felt strange at that time, my boyfriend explained that he called the wrong number. Result led a few minutes, the telephone again dozen come, male frieprivate detective agency徵信社nd this time saw once, hang up directly. I was sure he was keeping something from me, so I checked my phone records while my boyfriend was asleep and wrote down the number. When I called in the morning, I identified myself and asked who the man was, and the man said she was my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. I told her that I and my boyfriend want to get married, trouble her don’t mess with my boyfriend again, who knows she said, you are not to get a license? He told me everything. I’ve known him for five years. I have a deeper relationship with him than you do. I know him better than you do. Boyfriend and I are rushing to get married to, he in order to be able to get married, woprivate detective agency徵信社rk has been very hard, active with leadership requires the department, double the workload, it is early in order to be able to buy a house, we have a house, seven up eight down money up also gather together enough, going to get card, eleven banquet was placed within this year and now such a former girlfriend, suddenly disrupted my plan, I also feel no boyfriend what attitude, he is always hide from me for contact or what. Now come to tianya er for help, how to test with my boyfriend, to see if he has been keeping contact with my ex, or the ex suddenly pester me, whether to directly with my boyfriend showdown, we have not got the license, how to deal with the matter? Please gdetective agency徵信社ive some advice.

Is trial marriage real marriage? Does the statute maintain trial marriage?

什麼是比特幣Is trial marriage real marriage? Does the statute maintain trial marriage? Why didn’t the court hear the plea for exemption from the cohabitation connection? As the saying goes, “once bitten, twice shy.” Wang jing is the woman who was bitten by a snake once. It was very difficult to escape from a nightmarish marriage a few years ago. Faced with the second coming of love, she chose what she thought was the safest marriage in her restlessness. Unexpectedly this one try, beautiful marriage not only did not try to fix the real fruit, for many years of hard to try all the store also almost tried to go to waste. Wang mou, financial director, this year 30 years old. 22 years old that year through person introduction and ex-husband know, in order to unit cent room two people hurry register get married, after marriage wang mou discovers ex-husband is typical male chauistic style, everything cannot violate his perseverance, wang mou has a little not from can suffer his fist to kick. Wang did not dare to speak out due to face, sometimes was beaten black and blue, unable to go out. Wang mou endured four years in bitterness and tears, finally in another inexplicable beating after complete consciousness. Below the assistance of local women’s federation, wang mou passes a year hard struggle, received the divorce judgment book of the court at last. On the day when she was at ease, wang escaped from the small town which filled her time with horror and came to the rich and strange metropolis. After a few years, follow the effort of the assignment and the diligence of oneself, wang mou becomes the finance director of a foreign capital enterprise, partners are in those who approve her homework ability together, also warm-hearted help her introduce male brother. Xiao zhao, a salesman of a company, walked into wang mou’s life circle in this way. Both were strangers to the city, encouraging and comforting each other. Through the touch of nearly two years, xiao zhao felt that the age of two people is not small, plus the heroic sentiment is also very good, put forward to marry wang mou. Wang mou also feel xiao zhao stable sureness, temperament gentle, gentle, is its lover. But because before the shadow of a bitter marriage makes her pair of marriage overflow infinite astonishment, wang mou dare not again easy step into the threshold of marriage, so she puts forward the plan that tries marriage to xiao zhao, she says if try marriage two years later two people heroic feeling is safe, get married formally again. Although xiao zhao is helpless, but also have to promise. So, wang mou moved to the apartment that xiao zhao bought a year ago, and xiao zhao bega聯絡方式n the so-called trial marriage day. A year ago, xiao zhao wang mou care, care, not only cooking, and often buy some flowers, cosmetics and other gifts to wang mou, wang mou was deeply moved, think he and his ex-husband completely different, is a very good marriage partner, the future marriage will probably be very beautiful, so the resolution and his marriage. Two people resolution beginning decorates a house, wait for marital day article to add good hind, get married formally. Talk about decoration, xiao zhao just beginning to wang said the truth. Original xiaozhao because of the purchase of the house, the first payment has spent all the savings, every month’s salary after the repayment of bank loans is now very little. And this year try marriage time, xiao zhao is restricted in common expenditure at face not only exquisite day quality, pursue emotional appeal even, buy gift to win the favor of wang mou, xiao zhao had to borrow money privately to brother, now true cannot afford to decorate and marry expenses. Wang mou feels beloved man is right from a sincere heart, wish since many years of hard work down also had nearly 100,000 deposit, after getting married is also two people use, so take out the house that decorates xiao zhao as marriage room, and beginning purchase furniture, household appliances and other wedding supplies, also take money to repay brother zhao. But, one day one night, wang found zhao not only any ordinary expenses asked for money, and even monthly bank loans directly from wang jing’s bank card out, birthday gifts are free, not to mention the usual to buy her flowers gift. < / p > < p > wang mou beginning doubt xiaozhao ever to their concern is false, both sides of the beginning for the economic attack of the difference, and then gradually intensified opposition, wang mou feel, zhao is not its imagination as honest and reliable, and his marriage will not be beautiful, put forward to break up with zhao. However, xiao zhao thought that both sides coexistence is very good, there is no need to break up for a little matter, demand and wang mou married. Wang mou in anger to the court, begged to exempt from contact with the cohabitation between xiao zhao, and demand xiao zhao compensation since a house decoration, to repay xiao zhao’s bank loans, brothers and purchase married supplies have paid 100,000 yuan. Xiao zhao on the court a face of injustice, he said, wang mou promised that we try marriage two years to get married, so we are now the reality of marriage, I did not make what fault, how can she go back at will? She therefore pleaded to dismiss her request for exemption from cohabitation. Xiao zha4個Q&A,快速了解「區塊鏈」及「比特幣」!o is not the same meaning to return wang jing’s money, he said, she paid the money to me, then I try to marry more than a year to pay for her expenses who will return? If it were not for wang put forward to try to marry, I will not go around to borrow a swollen face fat, high consumption to meet the needs of wang? The court for wang mou demand exemption and xiao zhao between the cohabitation of the relationship between the appeal is not accepted, but the onset of the cohabitation of the industrial gum ge hearing. The court thinks, privately owned industry suffers maintenance probably, the industry of cohabitation time belongs to each all, the relevant basis that basis wang mou submits, judge xiaozhao refunds wang mou to pay for the house decorate cost 63,000 yuan, the color TV that refunds wang mou to purchase, acoustics becomes marital thing. But wang mou about the demand to return for xiao zhao pay bank loans and brother loan, because there is no direct basis for supply and xiao zhao denied and did not get the court support. In this way, the money is at least a part of the back. But to wang some disappointed is, trial marriage is wrong? If not try, did not fall into the economic crisis of xiao zhao, will still be concerned about their own, will not bring themselves a beautiful marriage? And if do not try, how can you know, the court denies the dishonest xiao zhao who will repay the loan for you, and is not really worth entrusting for life that person? This question has been troubling wang, but also increasingly added to the marriage of a point of horror. 【 case analysis 】 doubt 1: trial marriage is the real marriage? Does the statute maintain trial marriage? Analysis: real marriage, refers to the man and woman without a lover, did not register marriage, but public cohabitation with the name of husband and wife or held a secular marriage ceremony, the local public thought that now constitute a couple of days together state and action constitute a day together. Chinese law conditionally admitted the reality and effectiveness of marriage, on the basis of the supreme people’s court on the applicable & lt; the marriage law of the People’s Republic of China & gt; the explanation of some questions (a), on February 1, 1994 the ministry of civil affairs promulgated “marriage registration regulations” once upon a time, men and women both sides are now married with the elements of nature, according to the reality of marriage disposal; After February 1, 1994, if a man and a woman meet the essential requirements of marriage, the people’s court shall inform them to register the marriage before accepting the case. Do not fill marriagQ&Ae registration, according to the exemption of cohabitation contact disposal. Cohabitation connection, refers to the two sides of the man and woman did not register marriage, but live together together, the public thought that now constitute a couple of contact conditions and action of a day together. In the author’s opinion, cohabitation includes three kinds of scenes such as pre-marital cohabitation with conditions of marriage registration, intention of marriage, illegal cohabitation without conditions of marriage registration (such as bigamy, housing, etc.), and non-marital cohabitation without marriage intention. Cohabitation connection is a kind of real connection, which is not protected by law. Trial marriage, refers to both sides of the men and women did not register marriage, but to marry together for the purpose of living together, both sides have reached the intention of marriage or marriage agreement, the people around think they have formed a husband and wife contact. Trial marriage is an action between premarital cohabitation and marriage. But trial marriage is not a legal concept, Chinese law does not maintain trial marriage action. Question 2: why did the court not accept the plea for exemption of cohabitation connection? Analysis: from the current laws, regulations, judicial interpretation of the rules, cohabitation does not have the effectiveness of the law, just a reality. Rule 1 of the Supreme People’s Court on the application of the marriage law of the People’s Republic of China However, the people’s court shall accept and exempt the cohabitation relation which is attributed to the rules of article 3, article 32 and article 46 of the marriage law. The people’s court shall accept the lawsuit filed by the parties because of the time of cohabitation, property cutting or raising glue for their offspring.” When cohabitation on both sides of the seizure of gum kudzu, one party in order to disentangle the fetters of the other party, the appeal to the court to exempt the need for cohabitation, the people’s court is not accepted, because the cohabitation is not connected in the sense of law. But if one party is cut to the estate of cohabitation time and offspring foster wait for doubt to put forward appeal lawsuit, people court is ought to accept. As a result, both sides of the cohabitation time constitute the industrial link and offspring care link, is attributed to the law to maintain the civil law link. In the case, wang mou and xiao zhao both have no lover, and not before February 1, 1994 onset of cohabitation action, so wang mou begged the court to exempt the cohabitation between the two sides, the people’s court 盈幣寶介紹does not accept.