A number of Courier information trading websites have been shut down: police are investigating

FCoin「交易即挖礦」的模式為何震撼了幣圈?Small express bill, setting off another “information safeguard battle”. On November 6, the national business daily reported that customer information of many express delivery companies had been trafficked, which aroused high attention from all sides of the society and the express delivery industry. Yesterday (November 8), a police department specifically called the newspaper, said it had begun to closely track and investigation. Reporters found that a number of express delivery information exchange site has been shut down. However, a number of express delivery companies told reporters that the Courier number information peddling is not a company behavior, pointing to the risk of “third party” leakage and regulatory concerns. Others blame the problem on demand from merchants on trading platforms. In response, taobao took the initiative to the “daily business news” reporter said, with taobao’s existing technology monitoring, can be used to hype credit with a single number of behavior screening and cracking d為何幣圈都用 Telegram?own, to achieve a complete “eliminate”. In fact, the “commercial value” of express tracking number information has exceeded the “brush drill”, and may be targeted and used by criminals, which also put forward a test to this “information protection war”. Since the beginning of this year, public security across the country has launched a campaign to crack down on “personal information leakage”. , director of the Beijing gets law firm Wang Maoji yesterday in an interview with the daily economic news “reporter said,” the People’s Republic of China criminal law “the two hundred and fifty-third regulation, the state organs or financial, telecommunications, transportation, education, medical and other units of staff, in violation of the provisions of the state, will this unit in the process of perform their duties, or providing services for citizens personal information, sell or illegally provide to others, if the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three year虛擬貨幣中的法幣-USDTs or criminal detention, and concurrently or independently be sentenced to a fine. Whoever steals or illegally obtains the above-mentioned information by any other means, if the circumstances are serious, shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph. According to the above law, wang maoji pointed out that the transaction of Courier number information is suspected of two crimes, namely “selling and illegally providing citizens’ personal information” and “illegally obtaining citizens’ personal information”. It also means that selling information, or buying it illegally, can involve a crime. However, Mr. Wang said whether the seller and buyer constitute the two crimes depends on whether they meet the “serious circumstances.” Although there is no clear stipulation on “serious circumstances”, it can be judged from the size of information, whether or not it is profitable and how much it is profitable, whether or not it is used for illegal and criminal activities and whether or n加密貨幣交易所(Cryptocurrency Exchanges)賺多少?ot it causes losses. “Where a unit commits any of the crimes mentioned in the preceding two paragraphs, it shall be fined, and the persons who are directly in charge and the other persons who are directly responsible for the offence shall be punished according to law.” According to wang maoji, citizens who have been illegally leaked information can also file lawsuits in accordance with relevant civil laws if economic losses are caused. According to taobao, the original value chain for the sale of tracking number information — “brush drill” — has been cut off. If so, why is the market still so active and spread? A senior Courier who did not want to be named believes that the “commercial value” of the tracking number information can be summed up as “self-use” and “other use”. In terms of “self-use” value, an executive of a Courier company, who could not be named, told the national business daily that at present, most express companies only use tracking Numbers to provide relevant express services to custom幣安創辦人趙長鵬:首位登上 Forbes 封面的加密貨幣富豪!ers. “For example, by classifying customers’ usage frequency, service preference and so on, we can better allocate resources to the distribution site. At the same time, we can also make use of some high-quality resources and do deeper business development with some customers, but this development is only limited to express cooperation at present.” The executive said. In the industry, there is a competitive relationship between express companies, if there is a high-level or Courier job-hopping, in principle, can not take resources away. However, some couriers admit that if they have mastered more, familiar and high-quality customer resources, they are more likely to be selected. “Information and data are the driving force of profits and sustainable development for delivery companies.” The express senior personage said that the express companies are trying to expand their market share and maintain the existing customer resources, which reflects the express number information for the express company’s own bus全球第一大交易所「幣安 Binance」有多厲害?iness value. As for the deeper business value beyond express delivery, the executives said that at the current stage of the industry’s development, express delivery companies are still struggling to improve their delivery standards and service standards. However, he also admitted that if systematic analysis and customer analysis are done properly, it will be very helpful for the express industry to enter e-commerce in the future, whether it is to expand e-commerce logistics customers or invite merchants to enter e-commerce, etc. In addition to the express companies’ own use of the tracking number information to optimize the business configuration, we will also see the situation of “external use”. Because the tracking number information contains a large number of high-quality customers, it may be targeted by some criminals. According to industry insiders, some express companies and e-commerce companies input the full address of some customer orders, including the customer’s name, mobile phone number, addres台灣真能成加密貨幣之國?從世界區塊鏈大勢談起s and even the name of the product purchased by the customer. It is not ruled out that some merchants hope to collect customer information through the purchase and sale of tracking number information. In the case of not allowing third parties to “legally” obtain, there may be grey transactions and illegal transactions. Monitoring “third parties” is the most difficult. “this [tracking number] is like all information security issues, including personal information leakage in the telecom industry and banking industry, which has caused widespread public alarm.” Talk about the spread of the express industry information leak wind, many express industry insiders expressed a certain helplessness. Although “tao shan 114” in its function clearly stated “sheet number from all over the Courier”, but the reporter interviewed many express companies do not fully agree. They said the service standards for the express delivery industry clearly stipulates that express delivery service organizations should not disclose or mi大學生玩區塊鏈,比你想得還專業、多元!窺探全台兩大學生社群如何帶動台灣區塊鏈跨領域整合sappropriate information about senders, recipients and express items, except to meet the needs of national security and public security authorities in accordance with the law. In their opinion, compared with other industries, the regulation of the information security of express number is the most difficult not in the company, but the potential “third party”, which is the most difficult to control and regulate. “This third party includes ex-courier, idle social workers, individual e-commerce sellers and so on.” Most consumers were not aware of the risk of revealing the number information, discarded the package’s outer packaging and did not tear the package’s sticker, and could easily be collected and unsupervised in places where packages were crowded and dumped in piles, the company executive said. Of course, it is difficult for express delivery companies to deny that some Courier workers with low professional quality cannot resist the temptation of profits and information leakage. Many express delivery co扎根台灣,獨樹一格:帶你窺探本土區塊鏈社群的多元面貌mpanies said that they will strengthen self-discipline and self-inspection in the future. “In addition to making express delivery workers aware that selling tracking information is a crime, it is also important to raise the legal awareness of the general public, especially those ‘third parties’ who sell information.” The executive said. The executive also said that express delivery companies usually have confidentiality agreements in their contracts with big customers, and he suggested that in the future, they should also add confidentiality agreements to the standard list of ordinary customers to form a stronger binding relationship. At the same time, to reduce the risk of “third party” leak, it is necessary in the paper the sender information filled in, better processing, electronic technology is the useful information of the customer completely written after a couplet, but after receipt, through some online pre-filled or scanning way, hair a brief mark in the league, in order to avoid completely exposed圈外人也聽得懂的區塊鏈「幣、礦、鏈」三圈運作 to the “third party”


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