What should divorce proceedings be like?

BITCASE盈幣寶In handling a divorce case, the people’s court shall conduct mediation; If the relationship is really broken and mediation fails, divorce should be granted. The divorce proceedings are divided into three stages: prosecution stage, trial stage and judgment stage. Proceedings for divorce proceedings in a divorce case refer to a request made by one party of a marriage relationship to the people’s court to terminate the marriage relationship with the other party according to law. One party is the plaintiff and the other party is the defendant. According to the provisions of the civil procedure law of our country, the prosBCH盈幣寶ecution of civil cases must meet four conditions. Divorce cases also belong to civil cases, so the divorce proceedings must conform to the conditions of the civil procedure law and have their own characteristics: (1) the plaintiff must be an individual who has a direct interest in the case; (2) there is a clear defendant; (3) there are specific claims and facts, reasons; (4) under the jurisdiction of the people’s court. According to our country “civil procedure law” regulation, divorce action applies general area jurisdiction. The party that asks divorce namely, must suit to the people’s court of place of respondent cADA盈幣寶ensus register, if respondent census register seat and habitual residence are not consistent, suit to people’s court of habitual residence. Only those divorce cases with the above four conditions can be accepted by the people’s court. During the divorce proceedings, the plaintiff shall submit the pleadings and copies to the people’s court. The complaint includes the following contents: (1) name, sex, age, place of origin, place of employment and present address of plaintiff and defendant; (ii) the claim and the facts and grounds on which it is based; (3) evidence and sources of evidence, witness name and address. The 搬磚people’s court decided to accept the case and the divorce proceedings began immediately. The trial stage of divorce proceedings initiated by the court refers to the sum of all the investigations conducted by the people’s court from the commencement of the proceedings after the people’s court receives the proceedings to the date of making the judgment. According to the provisions of the civil procedure law of our country, the trial is divided into three stages: preparation before trial, mediation and hearing: 1. Preparation before trial. The people’s court shall file the case within 7 days after receiving the divorce p量化交易roceedings and, upon examination, meet the conditions for filing the case, and serve the copy of the litigation to the defendant within 5 days after filing the case, and the defendant shall file a defense within 15 days after receiving the copy of the litigation; Judicial personnel review litigation materials, conduct investigation and research, and collect evidence; The people’s court shall replace the parties who do not meet the requirements for bringing a suit or responding to an action, and notify the parties who meet the requirements to participate in the proceedings; According to the litigation request of the pa詐騙rties to the litigation preservation or pay first. 2. Mediation. After accepting a divorce case, the people’s court shall first mediate between the parties so that they can resolve their differences and understand each other so as to reach a divorce or a reconciliation agreement. If a reconciliation agreement is reached, the people’s court shall keep the record of the agreement on file and generally do not issue a conciliation statement. If a divorce agreement is reached, the people’s court shall prepare a conciliation statement signed by the judges and court clerk and affixed with the seal of the people’s court. The 高頻交易conciliation statement shall have the same legal effect as the judgment. 3. Court hearing. If the mediation by the people’s court fails, the court shall hold a hearing. The parties and other participants in the proceedings shall be notified of the date of the hearing three days prior to the hearing. Before the hearing, the court clerk shall ascertain whether the parties and other participants in the proceedings are present and declare the court discipline. The judges shall check the parties, announce the cause of action, and announce whether the judicial officers have withdrawn; After that, a court investigation begin財富自由s, questioning the parties and their statements; To inform the parties of their rights and obligations, to question witnesses, and to read out the testimony of witnesses who have not appeared in court; To consult the expert and read out the conclusion; Produce documentary evidence, material evidence and audio-visual materials; Read out the record of inspection. Then, the court began to debate, the plaintiff and his agent AD litem, the defendant and his agent AD litem f, both sides of the debate. 3. The judgment stage of divorce proceedings initiated by the court shall, according to the court proceedings, be subject to套利 further mediation. If mediation fails, the judgment shall be pronounced immediately. All judgments shall be made in public by the people’s court. If a judgment is pronounced in court, the written judgment shall be served within 10 days; If a judgment is pronounced on a regular basis, a written judgment shall be issued immediately after the judgment is pronounced. The first trial of a divorce case is over. If the parties are not satisfied with the judgment, they may appeal to the court at the next higher level and proceed with the proceedings of second instance. The above three stages are the inevitable stages in the 盈幣寶divorce proceedings.


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