Private detective: the profession of conscience

外遇診療室My colleagues and I are really just ordinary people. It’s just our job. But a lot of times, no matter how much we do, we can’t get social approval. Private detective, this is a lot of people in the eyes of the mysterious color of the industry. They are often seen in movies and TV shows. They mingle with the crowd, move furtively, with the purpose of being kept strictly secret, to investigate something, to follow someone. There is no room for private detectives in China’s legal world, but in real life, they do exist. In quanzhou, and elsewhere, they live in a gray zone between law and reality. Everything about them is like a fog. “There is a demand there is a market” zhao qingtai’s office wall, hung with medi外遇蒐證a and television reports of the material photos, minnan first visit, the earliest private detective engaged in xiamen, quanzhou private detective and so on, put a small tea table and two three-seat sofa, window position a set of office desks and chairs, everything is very ordinary. For the reporter poured out tea, zhao qingtai point a cigarette: “have any questions to ask, I try to answer. I’ve met so many people that I can tell by feeling where you’re coming from, and thank you for caring about our business.” The middle-aged man is as plain as the furniture in his office. If it is only one meeting, in the crowd, you will not be able to tell which is him. “The police force is limited, and there are a large n包二奶umber of civil dispute cases that cannot be brought to the public security department. So, in the face of social problems that the judiciary cannot solve, private detective agencies are a useful complement to the public security industry, “said zhao qingtai, sitting on the sofa in a casual sports suit and playing with the tea set on the table. In 2000, zhao qingtai in quanzhou, opened a tai help survey company quanzhou office. At the beginning, zhao qingtai found a few relationship especially good friends in quanzhou city together, living in the office, eating instant noodles is common. He has been a private detective for nearly 16 years. A few years ago, there were not many private detective companies in Ch捉姦抓姦ina. Quanzhou was the first private detective company in xiamen, fujian province. “I’m not from quanzhou. I don’t have a successful career. The way of life in this world is very interesting. There are all kinds of roads, if you can think of them, if there is a demand, there must be a market for them.” He said. Detective boundary of good and evil people mixed up Zhao Qingtai he had witnessed in the industry of improper operation, “I know a few quanzhou private detective agency through cheat customer money,” he said, some detective company will use the customer psychology, charge a deposit not do, one person pretending to be more investigation, the leaked information to be investigated on both sides of the “mo抓姦ney” and so on. Still have is dozen, quanzhou private detective, quanzhou private detective, quanzhou detective, quanzhou investigation company and so on key words to deceive people, can not meet, on a foreign phone and a QQ base price to attract customers, step by step defrauding customers money, the number of customers fooled people shocking, less than 1000 yuan more than 100,000. Zhao qingtai told reporters, as long as the principal to provide the target person’s license plate number and address, you can start monitoring and tracking. But because of privacy concerns, private investigators can only track people in public. On the company’s website, zhao qingtai wrote a New Year’s message himself, which said感情破壞: “2012 has come to an end and the New Year has arrived as promised. At this time, the industry purge is under way, dade as before, all is well. “It’s not a fluke, it’s not how smart we are, it’s the result of virtue being respectful and abiding by the law and ethics.” Although private investigators in China are not yet legally recognized, practitioners know that the law is a “red line” that disputes must be resolved within the legal framework and legal risks in investigations must be avoided. In order to avoid the risk, the standard detective company will have almost harsh terms on the client. “We always ask our clients for proof of identity and proof of their relationship with the person we’re investigatin感情挽回g.” Zhao qingtai said, if the husband and wife to investigate each other, must show id and marriage certificate and other relevant documents, otherwise not accepted. Zhao qingtai summed up the experience is, if you want to find a private detective, must talk face to face, do not only listen to the other side of the network on one side. “This kind of investigation company is a mixture of good and bad. I hope each client can polish their eyes so as not to be cheated.” Zhao qingtai said, looking for private detective is actually helpless move, to find words, must be careful. “Conscience” industry “is not easy to do, easy to break the law, without some” special means “is difficult to achieve the purpose, zhao qi個人行蹤監控ngtai said zhao qingtai’s company now has more than 10 people, but he said it is enough. “I often get phone calls or text messages from people who want to work for me. I don’t know what their purpose is, but private detectives don’t earn very much. My employees are only a few thousand yuan a month, and the salary is not as high as I expected.” Zhao qingtai said. For people who are curious about this industry and want to be private detectives, zhao qingtai will gently persuade them not to just be interested, sometimes just ignore. “You have to be conscientious in everything you do, especially in our business,” he repeated. Private detective is an industry that exists all over the world. In some places, privat婚外情調查e detective is regarded as a professional profession. Zhao qingtai believes that the biggest problem now is the legality of private investigators in China and the norms of the industry. “We are an industry that struggles to survive in the cracks. The state does not recognize the legal status of private detectives, but there is also a need among the people. We can only walk in the ‘gray area’ and play the edge of the law.” Zhao qingtai said. Toward the end of the interview, zhao qingtai took out two books from a bookcase in the corner of his office and handed them to me: “when I’m under too much pressure, I just read these books. Here are two.” I took the book from zhao qingtai, one by zhang ailing, the other外遇蒐證 by zhang xiaoxian.


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