“Do not disturb” and “strong” reasons for their divorce

BNB盈幣寶66, finally divorced. “My father is here sorting through the past. It’s only been 10 years, and he’s almost a stranger to me.” Liu liu, a famous screenwriter, acquiesced in divorce on weibo. Liu liu’s mobile phone has been turned off yesterday, she said on weibo, “seemingly smart” response: thank you friends for your attention, too much exposure will hinder my love! A person is better than two people, found a person better than him, without him can also be very good. Over the past two months, liu liu has been at the forefront of the controversy. Weibo was shut down for a time; My son’s photo was published by a weekly magazine. The promotion of the new book “little sweetheart” and the TV series “mind” never tired of talking about marriage; On “if you are the one” as a special audience…… After all sorts of clamour, 66 these days of sadness reached a climax. “DrBITCASE盈幣寶eaming last night, walking in the street, I suddenly forgot all the phone Numbers and the contact information of my relatives. I didn’t know where I was going or what the future would be. The street was sometimes sad and sometimes busy. Tears streaming down my face. Youth, so past.” Shanghai private detective thinks always with “strong big woman” appear 66, this “weak woman heart” micro blog, moved countless netizens. And in 66 “youth”, accompanied by her ex-husband for 10 years, is obviously a very important, she also said, “I trust the hand to look at the young woman’s love notes, days in addition to romantic love is lingering”. Before, newspaper reporter interview, 66 six had revealed that she and her husband are childhood sweethearts, two families live in a community. After getting married, they went to Singapore together. 66 had said that this man not only dBCH盈幣寶otes on her, but is also very tolerant. “It wasn’t him, it was me walking too fast. People in the beginning of love is standing on the same starting line, but people such as water, or pentium or slow, running, two bifurcated. Just like the Yangtze river and the Yellow River, the sources are separated by a few miles and the estuaries have gone north and south.” Liu liu, who has described various kinds of marriage relationships in the book, still cannot hide his disappointment in the face of the fact of divorce. Shanghai private investigators believe that liu liu’s “strength” is the main reason for the breakup of the marriage. Private detective company “micro blog fights mistress, has the suspicion of kidnapping social moral opinion, get everyone’s support to get the pleasure of the heart.” According to the Shanghai private detective, the practice will do nothing tADA盈幣寶o solve the marriage problem. It will only lead to more confusion and worse problems. Prior to the announcement of the divorce, 666’s recent news appeared on if you are the one. Liu liu said this is to find inspiration for a new script, but yesterday’s divorce news, more let a lot of netizens guess liu liu is looking for her boyfriend to go. On weibo, 66 not only uploaded “into her eyes” male guests photos, but also blunt: I like little phoenix eyes long legs, consistent, I think good. After several consecutive posts of self-pity, liu liu picked himself up and even began to laugh at himself: “I have been grovelling at home for a long time, hoping he could forgive me for walking too fast. It wasn’t until one day that I realized that it wasn’t a mistake for me to walk too fast. Why didn’t I complain that he walked too slowly and didn’t keep up with me? The Chinese 搬磚woman stood up.


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