Private investigators work on the Internet

花蓮徵信社推薦Online Shouting high profile, usually do things low-key. At the beginning of the last century, Shanghai’s cheng xiaoqing et al. ‘s “hawthorne detective” became popular all over the country. Hawthorne, the hero of the novel, was born in the old Shanghai’s ten mile foreign field. And now, Shanghai beach also gave birth to a batch of so-called “private detective”, they are a group of what kind of person? On Thursday, a reporter called detective agency 009 to inquire about an “affair with a loved one.” Receptionist claims, investigation of individual whereabouts does not have difficulty, one-time pay 4000 yuan, do not give half a month, the video data that provides investigator whereabouts, go out time place, contact object, social activity. The receptionist adds, they offer investigation, lawsuit one – train service, if encounter the problem such as marital affairs, after obtaining evidence lawfully, still can arrange a lawyer, solve a problem through legal way. The reporter again accuses the advertisement company department manager of plagiarizing the employee design work, and have an affair ground, ask for help to “zhong shun private detective agency”. “As long as you have the license plate number of the manager, you can get it done in 10 days. We have special cars to track it,” said the company’s Mr. Xia. “Our business license has everything. It is absolutely formal. The contract is legally binding.” Type in “private detective” and the search engine will be filled with pages of “detective agencies”, large and small. According to rough statistics, there are more than 100 in Shanghai, and most of the businesses are business investigation, marriage investigation and civil investigation. To attract attention, some home pages exaggerate the words “is your wife having an affair?” At the beginning of last week, the reporter went to the office of a well-known private detective agency in Shanghai to find out what was going on, under the premise that he would not disclose the company’s information. The office is located in a business building in xujiahui, the door without any company logo, push the door into, only to see an astronomical telescope. More than 100 square meters of room, there are meeting rooms, reception rooms, offices and other different areas. “Our business license is a market research company, not a private detective agency.” “A higher profile online is to attract customers, but a lower profile in real life is necessary,” said business manager xiao li. The company’s personnel structure is divided into business managers, investigators, technology and network, security and so on. In this personnel structure, the business manager is the only “job” allowed to contact with the outside world and the parties, and the office is responsible for negotiating the business. And the investigators, in fact, work from another location. The company has 4 business managers, more than 20 investigators, technical personnel, the size is medium. Different “jobs” have different age requirements, professional background and special skills. Xiao li graduated from the law department of a university in Shanghai and has worked for more than three years. Business managers are responsible for communicating with customers, deploying solutions and providing legal advice. They are in their 20s and earn about 3,000 yuan a month, with a 30 percent commission on each case. Investigator whereabouts receives protective investigator to wait by turn course of study soldier, police to hold the post mostly, having basic “detect” skill, but the mainest is bear hardships and stand hard work and keep secret strictly, of course, appearance also cannot look too make public. At the private detective agency, investigators’ whereabouts are closely guarded and requests for access have been politely declined. “They are no different from people, except that when there is a case, they work day and night, and when there is no case, they can rest,” said li. Investigators are under intense pressure because of their illegal status. Xiao li introduced several basic skills, the first is to squat skills, such as looking for a tree, telephone booth as a cover; The second is to follow the car skills, the best car tracking. Once confirmed, investigators often abandon the day’s tracking for safety reasons. In 1993, the Ministry of Public Security issued a notice prohibiting the establishment of private detective agencies. “Legally speaking, there is no private detective in China,” said zheng gang, a legal researcher and author of China business investigation report. “since we are ‘detectives’, we must have investigations. However, in many advertisements, reports and word of mouth, spying, eavesdropping, covert tracking and other investigative methods are widely used by private investigators. And that’s where the industry is controversial. The 009 receptionist repeatedly said: “all the videos collected are about the whereabouts of the subject in public places and have no privacy implications.” But, when the reporter puts forward the indoor activity that should investigate further to respondent, he expresses however, can do such investigation project, but cost is higher, need 10 thousand multivariate ability to do commonly. “In order to attract business and survive, some detective agencies may invade others’ privacy.” “In fact, we use all civilian equipment, such as telescopes, cameras, mini recorders, cars and so on. There are pinhole cameras, but they’re in public places. As for button bugs, locators, they’re in movies.” Invasion of privacy is the equivalent of “burning the candle at both ends”. Most detective companies, in the course of their investigation, only “touch and go”. Wang (not his real name) from a well-known business security co澎湖徵信社推薦mpany in Shanghai describes a case in which they had to provide a video of their husband staying overnight at a client’s request. They installed a video camera in the corridor of the hotel to record the husband and a third person entering the room and leaving in the morning within 24 hours. Of course, in court, private investigators cannot testify because they do not have the right to a civil investigation and all evidence is presented by the client. “We are just assisting the client with her request. The judge doesn’t go so far as to trace the source of the evidence.” “A few years ago, all sectors of society paid much attention to the private detective industry, but now it is becoming less and less. This is a good thing, which gives us some space. Each person does things steadily, relies on the standard, the survival of the fittest.” Mr. Wang said. In some small private detective agencies, marriage research accounts for 80 percent. But at some mature research firms, the figure is only about 30%. “A lot of research companies have this process early on. You can’t say there’s anything wrong with that. But compared to business research and intellectual property, the subject of marriage research is very small.” In the “private detective” industry, there are also low-end and high-end. Low-end “detective companies” advertise in tabloids, expose cases on BBS and blogs, and even post “psoriasis” on roadsides and walls. High-end clients do not need publicity. They have regular clients and sources: they receive cases from law firms, or they attend entrepreneurs’ associations and special exhibitions to find clients, etc. Most of them have good relations with corporate legal personnel. “We are walking on the edge of the law. We cannot touch the high wire.” “There is no way to clean up the house,” Mr. Wang said. “we just have to stay out of it.” As a result, there are very few horizontal links between private dete筆跡鑑定BLOGctive agencies.


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