Private detective, my husband has a mistress

DASHPrivate detective, husband to part-time job have small three? My husband and I fell in love for three years, get married half a year, in shaanxi yanan my husband to learn a driver’s license to use spare time to go to the pub to work, the second day meet small three, small three every Saturday go to the pub to dance, often make a phone call to send text messages to my husband, small three is graduating from high school, I was at home is quite big, so my husband yield to the impending nuptials of small three attack relationship, finally to my husband in order to force me to divorce her level, finally in when I was BTCseven months pregnant and separation. So he would and small three aboveboard cohabitation, from quick to have children, I am put my child and I lost whatever don’t ask, the divorce of time write agreement he won’t let have children, I will agree to what I thought I down, he can impress him, he said let me back to his house after divorce gave birth to her child, but left after marriage I told me anyway don’t want this child, he has this kid is a burden, don’t let me stay in his house that hinder him in, together with small three children tending I don’t want a penny, since his parents said I don’t the child, the sBSVon of we don’t, I drove out did not even give me money, We divorce a half month, he once telephone also did not dozen, down to change all contact way, before this he said the child gave birth to you to sell or send a person or anyway I be not to want, I am henan he is yan ‘an, I how ability make him can turn head, give the child an intact home? Private detective reply: why do you want to keep such a man? Really do not see the need to retain and retain the room. Your husband’s doing your thing while you’re pregnant is the biggest mistake a man, a husband can make. It’s unforgivable. After parting, still be oppositBRCe unexpectedly pregnant wife regardless regardless of disregard, even to a normal woman, also unapt such unfeeling, what’s more you still other parts of the world, do not rely on. This is a terrible sin. Besides, in such cases, you can actually pursue your husband’s legal obligations and get 100% of the compensation you deserve. So, such a man basically no need to retain. Perhaps now your situation is more difficult than, but also don’t think about with this man again, because even now compound, his future also can’t give you happiness. So now the burning danger is the first to find him to take compensation, if nBNBot resort to law.


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