If I want to go, how should I deal with his mood?

盈幣寶-新手價差合約必讀I am 27,167cm in appearance, with a bachelor’s degree from a famous university, a foreign enterprise, a second-tier provincial city in my hometown, a teacher’s family, and an only child. 24,177 cm male, very handsome, junior college, state-owned enterprise, hometown rural, now the family in our first-tier city business, a brother has been married and lives in another city, male inherited diabetes. My income is twice his. Ambiguous 5 months now just together. During this period, I felt that he understood girls’ thoughts very well.盈幣寶-手機即時行情APP He was considerate, delicate, smart, mature, kind-hearted and had a wonderful personality. Get along with the interests of like-minded, mutual understanding and appreciation, long ze, two people are very committed feelings. One specific problem is that I have recently had the opportunity to do overseas projects in my work for 1-2 years, and I want to go there. Every time I mentioned it, the male votes showed their attitude of not objecting and worrying about our future. If I want to go, how should I deal with his emotion? Anothe盈幣寶-USDT傳送教學r problem is that people around us are objectively negative about us, and I know we have a lot of minefields together that can be stressful at times. What should I pay attention to in the future? A: if you are working on this overseas project and your relationship is not looking good, you may break up. And even if the two of you don’t break up, you’ll be 29 when you come back in a year or two. At that time, it is impossible for you to get married immediately, and you will be 30 in another year and half. With his status quo that h盈幣寶-基本操作e is 3 years younger than you, how he and his family will treat your marriage in your second-tier city at that time is really uncertain. However, overseas projects do help you grow personally, and I’ve grown a lot overseas in the past, so these two options are all about what you want. If you want to get married as soon as possible, you may have to give up overseas projects. If you are a person like me who likes to grow up on your own, I am afraid that overseas projects are really more attractive and you will regret not going to t盈幣寶-充值教學hem in the future.


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