Before marriage, her boyfriend and ex-girlfriend are still entangled

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社Husband and wife life is disharmonious, beg private detective move! My boyfriend and I have known each other for two years. We are going to get married in October. We are both from zhangzhou and work in xiamen. My boyfriend knew me before he had three girlfriends, he told me, but I think they are about to get married, I do not mind the previous things, who did not past, as long as the future on a point not to fool around, and my boyfriend also told me, he and the former girlfriend have no contact. Before I encountered a small three, the former after cheating on his return to request I forgive, I softhearted agreed at the time, thought that the former is still didn’t change ttaiwan private detective徵信社he bad habit of flower heart, pain, when I was on a business trip bar fooling around with another woman, after I found I was sadly, broke up, after meet boyfriend now, we have been very smoothly, ready to get married. I didn’t expect that at 11 o ‘clock last night, my boyfriend and I were ready to have a rest. My boyfriend’s mobile phone rang suddenly. Due to the particularity of his work, he was required to turn on the phone 24 hours a day. The result boyfriend answered the phone, did not speak, after a few seconds hung up. I felt strange at that time, my boyfriend explained that he called the wrong number. Result led a few minutes, the telephone again dozen come, male frieprivate detective agency徵信社nd this time saw once, hang up directly. I was sure he was keeping something from me, so I checked my phone records while my boyfriend was asleep and wrote down the number. When I called in the morning, I identified myself and asked who the man was, and the man said she was my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. I told her that I and my boyfriend want to get married, trouble her don’t mess with my boyfriend again, who knows she said, you are not to get a license? He told me everything. I’ve known him for five years. I have a deeper relationship with him than you do. I know him better than you do. Boyfriend and I are rushing to get married to, he in order to be able to get married, woprivate detective agency徵信社rk has been very hard, active with leadership requires the department, double the workload, it is early in order to be able to buy a house, we have a house, seven up eight down money up also gather together enough, going to get card, eleven banquet was placed within this year and now such a former girlfriend, suddenly disrupted my plan, I also feel no boyfriend what attitude, he is always hide from me for contact or what. Now come to tianya er for help, how to test with my boyfriend, to see if he has been keeping contact with my ex, or the ex suddenly pester me, whether to directly with my boyfriend showdown, we have not got the license, how to deal with the matter? Please gdetective agency徵信社ive some advice.


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