My husband was on a business trip and his buddy asked me if I needed a man?

盈幣寶Bingbon用戶代為操盤風險提示My husband was on a business trip and his buddy asked me if I needed a man? Not long ago, my husband’s good friend blue sky came home as a guest. I accompanied my husband and talked with him for a long time. When he left, he said that my husband was very handsome and had married such a beautiful and virtuous wife. This sentence, my husband and I are very good, I to him is more a good impression, to the husband said he this elder brothers is really good. The husband also says blue sky is really a very good elder brothers, had helped him at ordinary times many. They have known each other for nearly a decade and have always been on good terms. Later things happened, but completely subvert the blue sky in my mind’s image. My husband went out on a business trip, the first night after he left, I received a blue sky text message, he asked my husband is not at home, whether feel lonely? I think he is out of kindness to ask, then reply message said not lonely, but it is very quiet, but free to think a lot of things. Soon, the blue sky text message came again, he asked me what I think, have thought of him. I don’t understand, then reply to say what all want, of course also t關於IOS用戶使用企業證書的說明-盈幣寶hought of him, because he is the good friend of the husband, the husband said he is a very good elder brothers. Blue sky asked me how I felt about him. I said fine. Then he asked me if I wanted to see him. At this time, I suddenly realized what, hurriedly replied that now is not convenient. He said that this time is not convenient for another time, and then said goodnight to me. That night I lay in bed tossing and turning, thinking about blue sky text messages, how can not sleep. What the hell does he mean by private investigator? The next night, his message came again, is a disgusting meat, followed by his words, asked me whether I think this joke is funny. Actually, I didn’t find it funny at all. I got goose bumps all over. However, out of politeness, I replied that I felt a little funny. Blue sky and asked me if I feel lonely, want to have a person to accompany. I say to want, but husband is not beside, can at ease wait for him to come back. He then asked me if I had thought about finding another man to accompany me. I felt shocked. Why did he ask? I replied quickly that I had not thought about it. After a while, the phone rang and it was blue sky. I asked him w網頁版體驗測試 -盈幣寶hat was wrong, and he said he was lonely and wanted to talk to me. Unable to refuse, I asked him what he wanted to talk about. He said to talk about men and women. And then ask me how many men do I think a woman can have in her life? I thought about it, and it’s hard to say, but now many women have experienced more than one man in their lives. Blue sky asks me to want to experience again besides the man of husband. I did not expect him to ask such a question, and was at a loss for an answer when the blue sky said in an ambiguous tone: “sister-in-law, if you want, you can come with me. “I suddenly felt a wave of anger from the bottom of my heart, straight to the forehead, loudly accused him:” kui you still call my sister-in-law, don’t you know the brothers wife can not be bullied? Hung up the phone, my anger is difficult to eliminate, was about to call to tell the husband, let him stay away from the villain, but then think, this matter will be a big blow to the husband, they decided to hide this matter in the heart, after trying to find a way to let the husband estranged from the blue sky. Reply: the elder brother’s wife can not be bullied. He is not a good man thatUSDT軍備競賽-盈幣寶 would cheat his brother’s wife. Treat this kind of small person, the woman’s anger not only sounded the alarm bell to him, also showed his position, maintained his dignity, more can let the other side to retreat. Women need to meet all kinds of people in life. When you find that someone you trust has irrational thoughts about you, anger can certainly express your thoughts, but anger alone is not enough, and distance from each other in time can better protect yourself. Modern women live in a complex era, only close to the gentleman, far from the villain, life may be more smooth. The woman enters marriage is very not easy thing, but do not represent affection to have entered safe deposit box. If love, many women still have fantasy, marriage women should learn to cherish all the reality. Emotional, especially marriage, has brought about a 5-7 year period of slow development due to women’s physical and psychological problems, which has affected women’s development to a certain extent. Therefore, women must cherish the existing marriage, do not let the second marriage or cheating on the emotional life to bring more obstacles to their development. Toss about marriage fo【盈幣寶】-bingbon-台灣上線首月,日交易額突破30億台幣(約1億美元)r women is taboo!


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