The young woman is not happy after marriage

比特幣現狀It’s another sleepless night, which is often the case, especially in the last few years when you’re a stay-at-home mom. My husband and I have been married for 8 years. He chased me for 8 years before we got married. Before I met my husband, I had a boyfriend who was four years older than me. At the request of my ex-boyfriend, we had a relationship and forced me to get pregnant. I was terrified. Met in the university now husband, he was very good to me, but I can’t entertain wild hope, to the love gradually due to impress me and he go together, but I don’t love him, because I don’t like his personality and he is a man, but I did enjoy his care plus I very self-abased, for I have not a virgin felt himself unworthy to find the better, but my husband is honest, obedient to me, so I want to just let it be. He and I together to continuously are afraid of me or love me, and I it doesn’t matter to him, so we are not good in sex life together, but I am unable to throw off this kind of circumstance, because I always feel now have personal can accept me is good, so we get married, but I have a climax, and he rarely because he basical比特幣礦難的根源ly one or two minutes to complete. Others lazy, now very fat, work pressure is also big, so our sex life is more discordant, a month all once, I now special pain, do not know how to do. People are not bad, I have been very good, but married so many years I have never been satisfied. I’ve only been dating my ex for half a year, but my sex life with him is pretty good. If I hadn’t had sex, I might be better off, but I’m really in pain right now. Divorce him. In fact, I hate to spend so much time with him and I have kids. Do I have to suppress my own needs for a lifetime? I always told him that my wedding day with him was like a pool of stagnant water, meaningless. Private detective reply: one, about adolescence that dot muddle thing: carry a wonderful, simple like and do not like, in green acerbity take a bit of bitchy, without the edification of theoretical life, want to be in only pure only together, the way that shows love is strong continues to go to bed after going to bed namely. Eat forbidden fruit hateful, more hateful is not careful of pregnancy but encountered only care about sex but do not want to clean up the mess如何獲得比特幣 of the Lord, when you walk into the hospital alone abortion and repair the physical and mental time, believe your world is gray. Not so much your love lost space, but to say lost heartless, because you see through the former boyfriend man demon dog like, but also because you were too young at that time, no comfortable economic support he helped you share a little surgery costs, so worth mentioning, the key is that he did not have the least care for you. Imagine, so not bear when the man, even if you have the audacity to peest him and marry him in a few years, your marriage estimate is only sexual happiness, and in other levels are to you yourself, dare to ask between men and women as long as there is no other level of sexual pain, so why should be called high animal? The grim ideal informs us that a woman will never forget the man who gave her an orgasm, even if that man is scum. That bit of trivia: second, about married during most of the men in love are racking their brains to please his wife, once married, will immediately tight feeling a bit string to relax, to do this, and will accompany the wife to leave some time a比特幣的特點nd all the brothers in the sea eat together drink, this is why men after marriage to fat, on the one hand, is no longer for a wife, and the key reason is can’t good to hold himself that broken mouth, due to the temptation of food and alcohol. Your pain represents contemporary woman’s pain, because a lot of men after marriage it is difficult to let a woman enjoy orgasm in the bedroom, or some women didn’t experience climax, the rest of my life so very husband enjoy the happy life, as you say, if do not have to former boyfriend, you may also think sex is just a minute. This is a period when only the hands of diligence can handle enough food and clothing. For this reason, we need to change a way of life, that is, to make life become more delicate. In addition to the law of diet, but also to understand a little health knowledge; Men and women that point in addition to a certain number of times, but also to have quality every time; Work is to make money, money needs healthy body, so must exercise. To this end, do not one not satisfied or the current marriage is not satisfied with the thought of divorce, but try to change the st五個問答讓你秒懂區塊鏈原理及應用atus quo of life.


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