I’m worried about my wife going to the Internet cafe alone

徵信社工作My wife and I met and married on a blind date. Now it has been four years. She keeps staying at home without coming to work. She and I went out to work together last year, and after four months we started to quarrel and divorce, and then we had to go home first, and then we made up in the mediation of the family. Then she didn’t work out, I can only be a person out of work, we’ve agreed in July this year let her come to my work here to tourism, is to play, but in her to come two days before she again notice I don’t want to come, in fact, I very want to her, want her to come, then I told her, my mother my elder sister also advised her to, she is not willing to. As not willing to she came after, from the be債務協商BLOGginning of the car to her left that day did not give me a bit of good face, I asked her how, she said to bother me, do not want to see me, she also said to have bothered me, but I basically do not know how I. The day walking, she said she used to work to I went to see a manager know Internet cafe, also emphasized don’t let me go, that will I a listen to also not happy, then she didn’t good the spirit that you don’t let me go I won’t go, I just say that you don’t go to, she really didn’t go to, but it went into a knot in my heart, I know that she’s not happy, if she doesn’t let me touch her at night, we haven’t seen each other for half a year, she do this to me, let me very angry, and then in the evening, 徵信社營業項目I am still some suspicious, secretly looked at her WeChat, then use my WeChat added that the manager of his mouth, In WeChat I informed the store manager that my wife was married and had children. She sent a message to me after coming home, saying that there was no trust between us, saying that I was the heart, can not stand me, I know she found me see her WeChat, but in fact I love her, I do not want to divorce. Now she brought up the incident of my beating her last year and said she would never forgive me. Now she wants to go to another place to look for a job, find not to go home, now talk to me is to ask me to think well? I don’t want a divorce. What should I do? Private detective comment: think your 徵信社真實案例things should not be as simple as you said, the middle you do wrong what wife will be like this. Now she doesn’t have any love for you. She hasn’t seen you for a long time. About the store manager, personally feel is your wrong, should not hide from his wife with her friends to say those words, maybe she is to make friends, because you don’t want her to go at the time she did not insist on going. Your advice is to go home and talk to your wife, confess your mistakes, complain about her, and explain that you did something that made her unhappy because you cared about her and loved her. Ditch after giving her a free choice of space, she will go to stay by her own resolution, after all, two of a kind marriage will be happy.


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