Nowadays, people either cheat on their wives or ruin their marriages by violence

什麼是挖礦?礦工到底做了什麼事?I’m sure many of you have the feeling that marriage seems to be getting weaker and weaker, and that happiness in marriage is getting worse. Before marriage, men and women often take beautiful expectation, walk into marriage, however in the triviality after marriage, effuse affection gradually. Live a plain life, have an affair or ruin a marriage with violence… Therefore, divorce is more and more common and accepted by people. Private detective, but in many cases, there are many women in the relationship break up face marriage change, often do not give up marriage, always in the divorce this matter, extremely tangled and painful, it is difficult to choose. But why? I think the reasons are as follows. One, habits. By “habit,” I mean that a woman is used to the life of an accepted marriage, the relationships involved in it, and the trajectory of her life. Habits become natural and find it difficult to change or accept change. Even if the life is not satisfied, even if the relationship has broken down, this kind of habit of life, will subconsciously let themselves go on, will imply that this is their own life. Although, also want to divorce, also think should escape this kind of marriage, b誰是中本聰?ut the heart has been used to this kind of life environment once the change scruples, also have dependence. Two, at a loss. The second possible reason is that women in the face of broken feelings, the heart is very hurt, do not press and anxiety, at the same time tortured women, so that women are very vacant, do not know where to go. Life changes, feelings of injury, so that women are often unprepared. Women for marriage, generally there is fantasy, are expected to be happy and happy, so, women in marriage always strive to maintain a state, always with a good fantasy, so, once frustrated, will be at a loss in the choice. So, without a clear choice, you don’t want to lose your marriage. Three, fear. Marriage is a woman’s most important life event, there are a lot of women in the marriage change, often can not accept, in order to marriage failure suicide of women also have a lot. They sometimes defend the dignity of marriage with their lives. Therefore, they are afraid of marriage failure, for marriage failure, extreme fear. One is fear of failure. The other is fear of life after failure. Do not know, once lost marriage, the next face of the relationship or marriage will be what kind of moo什麼是區塊鏈(Blockchain)?d, often pessimistic mood has been lingering, marriage failure sequela, for a long time deterrent women, so, in the face of the breakdown of the relationship, women will be afraid, afraid of marriage failure, do not give up marriage. Four, fantasy. In addition to the above points, there is a kind of woman, relatively simple, for the failure of the feelings of the marriage of the threat of fantasy, fantasy marriage will turn around, will be happy. She fondly assumes that marriage won’t break up so easily, that men will cherish it as much as she does. Therefore, this kind of woman still holds on to the hope and holds on to the marriage in the face of the broken relationship, hoping that the marriage situation will turn around. So, she is also very reluctant to give up marriage. Five, kid. This is the most helpless one of the reasons, but also the most heartache of the most tangled women. When the relationship between a man and a woman is broken and the marriage cannot survive, the choice of whether to stay or leave the marriage is particularly prudent because of having children. They are afraid of hurting innocent children and causing irreparable harm to children because of divorce. So, the智能合約(Smart contract)的無限可能 woman, total meeting because of the child, not be willing to abandon marriage, sometimes, would rather oneself swallow humiliation, also want to maintain a marriage in name only. Six, disappointed. This is one of the most chilling reasons women are disappointed in their relationships and their marriages. Feel, no longer unable to love, no longer have confidence to manage a marriage, feel that everything she experienced seems to be the arrangement of fate, private detective so, regardless of their own face of the marriage, how the relationship is broken, still do not care about the marriage. Feel so, go on, go on, also go on like this. Only as if a no thought, no expectations, as a wooden person in the marriage. Therefore, when a woman is completely disappointed in her marriage and relationship, it doesn’t matter about marriage. Therefore, if the man doesn’t give up, the woman will stick to her marriage. Of course, when the relationship breaks down, the reason that the woman does not give up marriage still has more, but anyway, I hope men and women break up in the relationship, can face marriage calmly, no matter leave or leave, just try hard to do, do not force painstakingly. Just be hap什麼是比特幣(Bitcoin)?py with each other


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