How to destroy the ambiguous side of the man and small three?

量化交易Mistress is often evolved from ambiguous, in the appropriate practice of the appropriate place and place, and men ambiguous women will become the hidden danger of marriage, so women to prevent in already, as soon as possible to eliminate them. Women should not look down on this “ambiguous” relationship, although the appearance looks less harmful, but it is enough to let you psychological very tangled. He and female colleagues ambiguous relationship, perhaps even physical infidelity is not, but it is an astringent feeling, let you hard to trust. How to destroy the ambiguous side of the man and small three? Below private detective will fight action for you: 1, eliminate type: pretend to be weak small woman this kind of woman, belong to cowardly if qiong yao heroine more, be born do not have a bone, lifetime to look for b詐騙ig tree to rely on for the purpose everywhere. If your husband falls into the heroic category, wait until you help her with her paper today and fix her computer tomorrow. Ask a little, that unfortunate xi xi’s leading lady can drop bead tears in helpless form, hence your foolish husband can at once rage: “how did you, even have no sympathy?” Elimination method: jealous when the jealous concern stability and unity, how appeasement? Speak up your resentments and resentments. Set rules for him. Let him know how much you tolerate. Otherwise a endure again endure, occasionally have complain, he thinks you have a little petty. Receive this phone call again, write down a number, dial immediately go back, greatly square inform her, my husband cannot have every requirement, let her understand you are not a decoration. 2, elimin高頻交易ate type: lest the world is not disorderly woman has a kind of woman, like to see the men are confused by oneself most what appearance is, love to the man dozen two tone not clear telephone, send color message. He, on the other hand, prefers to enjoy the flesh. If you put forward a protest, he affirmation can refute: “the somebody else return small, be to play however, you all want to take seriously?” Exterminate method: drop a body to fight a this kind of woman although the dint of death is great, but wait his novel strength past, natural also no longer when one thing. Just smile and tell him about the same kind of women in my company, to lessen his excitement. Or just drop down and fight with her, dressed than she is still sexy and noble, more fashion than she is also more open. The soft rib of open model woman is ri財富自由ght oneself immaturity feels self-abased, below your powerful disinfection, assure accurate became ash immediately. Three, exterminate type: the neighbor that the woman tomboy of elder brother son type perhaps is him two small do not guess, perhaps be the good friend when he university, have a plenty of have never talked about love, have a plenty of have been lovelorn had entered tortoise breath to heal hurt period, anyhow it is unluckily little one track mind, to men and women relation have no blindness. Calling friends every day to kill time, just forget, her good friend and a lover at home. Exterminate method: inform the other party does not have time to do not want to participate in her and his space, early arrangement schedule is the right way. Use trivia to keep him engaged, to learn to personally tell someone “I套利 don’t have time.”


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