Company “ghost” leaked information fake personnel car rental fraud

徵信社 跟蹤Only one truckload of goods, but the company has sent two cars, jiashan a weaving factory boss lu had encountered such “nonsense” things. What’s going on here? Originally, a textile printing and dyeing company “ghost” cao a leaked information, the imposter wen a car to cheat goods. Reporters learned yesterday that the people’s procuratorate of jiashan county prosecuted the two defendants for fraud, and also prosecuted the two men who received the proceeds according to law. On the morning of October 24, 2010, lu received a phone call from a textile p婦幼徵信社BLOGrinting and dyeing co., LTD in jiashan, saying that he had sent a car to the factory to load the fabrics needed to be processed. Before long, a van truck drove into the factory, and lu immediately arranged for 200 rolls of Oxford cloth to be loaded onto the truck. Unexpectedly, another truck claiming to be the textile printing and dyeing company came to load the goods that afternoon. Clearly there is only one truck, how the company has sent two cars? Lu boss felt something strange, after the inquiry, the car over before is not the company. Lu boss t婦幼徵信his descend anxious, this one car goods can value 60 thousand multivariate, then immediately reported case. After the police received the alarm, the owner of the van began to follow the trail, through the transfer of the relevant intersection monitoring screen, three consecutive days all the way to the jiangsu province wujiang shengze town of a trade zone a store warehouse, finally found the fake collar of 200 rolls of Oxford cloth. After the interrogation of the purchase of the batch of cloth zhao and introduce the business yao so-and-so, two per c徵信社費用apita account, cloth from a man named cao some low price to buy. Originally, cao some department jiashan some textile printing and dyeing co., LTD. Clerk, the job is to find customers for the company, contact business. According to the normal operation process, the salesman will be customer information concentration, dispatching personnel unified to the customer’s labab expect the company dyeing processing. Because the company salesman and dispatcher in an office, cao mou found it easy to obtain scheduling information, and then generated the idea of婦幼徵信社 cheating cloth.


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